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Body Pillows Best Sellers

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Body Support Pillows

Proper body support is important to the health of your muscular and skeletal system. Contour Products offers a full line of full and upper body support cushions and pillows. Whether you need the ergonomic support of our Back Max line, or the comfort of a full length sleeping pillow like Snoozer body pillows, you'll find it here. These pillows and cushions are perfect for support and comfort during pregnancy and nursing, after surgery, for certain health ailments and for general sleep and relaxation

  • $49.99 $29.95
    Contour L shaped pillow makes a great gift for anyone who sleeps in a bed!

  • $60.00 $39.95
    Contour Flip Wedge Pillow

  • $39.95
    V Shaped Body Pillow offers neck, back, and leg support

  • $75.99 $54.99
    Ultimate Full Body Pillow - Shown without cover, feather and goose down fill

  • $95.00 $66.99
    Ultimate Body and Pregnancy Pillow

  • $170.00 $138.99

  • $34.00 $29.99
    Hugg a Pillow - Small body pillow

  • $85.00 $53.99
    Snoozer Full Body Pillows

  • $125.00 $94.99
    StaphCheck Body pillow by Core Products