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Travel in Comfort with the New Inflatable BackMax

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For years we’ve been sharing back relief with the help of the BackMax Body Wedge System. A product that’s designed specifically to mold, reconfigure, and offer joints support exactly where it’s needed most. And with sections that can zip together or be completely removed, its shape could be customized along the way. Sometimes by the hour. But up until now, the BackMax Body Wedge System has been best used in one’s own home due to its sheer size. Patients have been using their products throughout their homes, or even in the hospital (and wherever else they might be recovering from a recent injury or surgery). Travel, however, was almost impossible with the bulky cushion.

But thanks to the latest version, that’s no longer an issue. The newest addition to the BackMax line is the inflatable, allowing users to travel with ease … their favorite back product in tow. And because it’s inflatable, users can pump in less air for a more pillowed or relaxed feel, or fill more full to keep the body in a firm position. Depending on one’s preference, the perfect feel/fill can be found – and all with the help of your portable, handheld pump.

What is the BackMax Body Wedge System?

It’s a one-of-a-kind, multi position wedge cushion set that helps reduce stress on various points of the body. By rearranging the sections or your position on the BackMax, different joints can be addressed. For instance, after a knee surgery, elevate the knee to improve blood circulation and airflow, while reducing pressure. You can even talk to your doctor to see which position will best promote healing and incorporate it into your daily resting routine.

The BackMax is also perfect for lounging – even sleeping – on a regular basis. Use it in the living room – whether on the floor or couch – or place it directly on the bed. Wherever feels most comfortable to receive regular bouts of back, knee, or leg pain relief. Because it provides support while simultaneously reducing weight on the muscles and joints, it’s a product that’s able to multitask throughout your pain relief and healing process. Though this is true for the entire BackMax line, its latest version still allows for the above, but with the added benefit of reduced storage and mobility. This already versatile product just became easier to tag along, allowing you to take it on any trip just by packing it away with your luggage. That way you can stay pain free for the duration of your travels.

With your purchase you’ll have access to a cushion that:

  • Fits the body’s natural curves
  • Comes with a travel bag for easy storage and toting
  • Is available in three different sizes (20”, 28”, and 42” widths) to best fit your size or cushion preference.
  • Comes with a handheld pump for easy filling and deflating – whether at home or on the road.
  • Is adjustable into several different positions, including the “zero stress” position which eliminates pressure on the lower back, while still supporting the upper back and legs.
  • Whether you’ve had a recent surgery or are just looking for a way to provide the body with some much needed support, the BackMax Body Wedge System is an easy, affordable way to do so. Best of all, its new travel counterpart allows you to get the same comfort and relief you experience at home while on the road. In an easy, collapsible package.

    To get started on your latest round of back pain relief, head to Contour Living’s website today.

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