Contour Legacy Deluxe Cool Leg Pillow

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Sleep Better with the Contour Legacy Leg Pillow. All-new, patented design is the only leg pillow that provides full leg and knee support! The Contour Legacy Leg Pillow is ergonomically designed to contour to your shape, providing alignment for your back, hips, thighs, legs & knees.
  • Cooling material prevents you from feeling hot like traditional memory foam leg pillows
  • Patented, ergonomic shape provides orthopedic support all night long for better sleeping posture to provide you comfort and relief
  • The only leg pillow that supports both your legs & knees!
  • Allows you to sleep comfortably in any position & move freely through the night
  • Use 2 Leg Pillows for Full Leg Support
  • EXCLUSIVE FREE OFFER - When you order the Contour Legacy 2PK, receive 2 Legacy pillowcase covers to protect your pillow.
$24.95 MSRP:$39.99

Sleep Cooler With the New Contour Legacy Leg Pillow!

6 Reviews

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    Not a bad deal

    Posted by Brenda on 7th Sep 2020

    The pillow is fairly small. For my husband who is fairly large, it is hard for him to keep up with it at night. The pillow case is very slippery and loose. It doesn't close completely and comes off the pillow during the night.

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    Great Knee Pillow

    Posted by Mike Prentice on 16th Jul 2020

    I really like the shape and contour of the pillow. It really seems to been cooler than other pillows or knees supports i have used.

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    Deluxe cool leg pillow

    Posted by Art on 6th Dec 2019

    comfortable for what it is

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    Contour Leg Pillows

    Posted by Brian Rodeck on 15th Jun 2019

    These two leg pillows have made a difference in my sleep experience - to a point. I wish they came in a thicker version to better align my back.

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    LOVE this knee pillow!!!

    Posted by WendySue on 27th May 2019

    Really happy with this pillow....I was using a regular pillow and it was just too large and then it would flatten out. This is perfect. Seems small at first, but it's not too does the job perfectly! My back feels so much better. Amazing how I can roll over and someone my legs/brain just keep this great little pillow positioned perfectly between my legs/knees. Perfect amount of firmness, too! LOVE IT!

  • 5

    Posted by Terri Lynn on 25th May 2019

    Pillow helped me sleep better with my cronic back pain. Pillow really stayed in place good too.