Wedge Slip Cover - 32" Long Wedges

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New! Fitted pillow case designed for our 32" long Contour Folding Wedge. Luxurious fleece material easily removes for machine washing.
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Keep Your Folding Wedge Clean, The Easy Way

Looking for an easier way to keep your folding wedge clean? Instead of struggling with the zippered cover, use the slip cover for easy removal and cleaning of your case.

Benefits Of Using the Slip Cover

  • Custom Fit, Machine Washable Protective Pillow Case
  • Easily removes for washing
  • protects your folding wedge

Folding Wedge Fitted Cover Instructions

Below you will find instructions on how to appropriately Put your Slip COver on your folding wedge. If you hve any questions Do Not Hesitate to contact us directly. If you want to save a copy for future use, please feel free to save our instructions by clicking the following link, Folding Wedge Fitted Cover Usage Instructions.


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100% Polyester
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