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Orthopedic CPAP Bed Pillows for Sleep Apnea Treatment


CPAPMax 2.0 is an orthopedic pillow that works with any CPAP mask type or brand, and can relieve the following sleep apnea symptoms and CPAP mask issues that affect not just your sleep, but also your life.



-       Prevents mask shifting

-       Eliminates mask interference

-       Stops leak noises

-       Minimizes facial pressure

-       Provides head, neck and shoulder comfort

-       Adjustable thickness to desired

       support and comfort.


 Contour Living provides 100 pillow solutions for various conditions, but our top pick for the best sleep apnea pillow for CPAP users is the CPAPMax Pillow 2.0. CPAPMax is a contoured pillow solution for sleep apnea and is 20 x 13 x 5 inches with medium density, great for all position-style sleepers, the height is adjustable, has a quilted, zippered, and comes with a comfortable cover.

Studies have shown that out of all sleep-related products, contoured pillow solutions rank as the best solution for relieving sleep apnea, and Contour Living has the most comfortable CPAP pillows and accessories in stock!

Pair your CPAPMax with CPAP mask wipes to keep your CPAP clean!

You have the option of ordering the CPAPMax pillow only, the pillow with the case, the Deluxe CPAPMax Comfort Kit, or the Ultimate CPAPMax Comfort Kit to help make sleeping with your mask comfortable and alleviate sleep apnea as much as possible.

We guarantee that the CPAPMax 2.0 contoured pillow will alleviate sleep apnea, but if you are not satisfied, we offer a 45-day return policy with all fees waived. If you love your CPAPMax and are sleeping great, the pillow comes with a 2 Year MFG Warranty.