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PolarMat Cooling Pad

PolarMat Cooling Pad

RRP: $35.00 (You save $10.01)

Product Description

Unique mat cools your body without electricity or freezing!

This pad contains a unique thermal insulation which continuously cools your body 3° to 5°. It works by absorbing heat from your body, providing a comfortable and cooler night's sleep. Just place the mat on your bed or pillow and it begins to work instantly. Comes in three sizes for your cooling needs: Small for chairs, traveling, cooling isolated areas or use on your pillow or even inside the pillowcase! Medium and larger sizes are perfect for various bed applications

  • Unique cooling insulation technology works right out of the box - no electricity or freezing required!
  • Cools the body 3-5 degrees, lowers core body temperature while you sleep
  • Helps your sleep more comfortably - perfect for hot flashes or menopause
  • Actually absorbs body heat
  • Non-slip mat stays in place
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Small 12" W x 16" H
  • Medium 35" W x 35" H
  • Large 35" W x 55" H

Other Details

Product Specifications:
Small: 12L x 16H
Medium: 35L x 35Hbr> Large: 35L x 55H

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