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Orthopedic Lowback Backrest Support

Orthopedic Lowback Backrest Support

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Product Description

Orthopedic Lowback Backrest Support Cushion

Endorsed by the Canadian Chiropractic Association, this well-designed back support provides relief from pain aggravated by poor posture including back pain, neck pain, shoulder tension, and headaches. The unique polycarbonate “S” shaped frame padded with polyurethane foam gently supports the natural contours of your spine. Ergonomic design helps prevent fatigue by reducing strain and energy demand on muscles. Includes a removable, adjustable lumbar pad for additional back support that customizes to your needs. Lightweight and portable, it turns any chair into an ergonomic seating solution.

  • Proven to Reduce Pressure on your Back by 35% and Increase Comfort While Sitting
  • Designed to increase comfort by aligning your spine and supporting correct posture
  • Unlike traditional "L" shaped chairs, the "S" shaped frame of the Obusforme molds your spine into proper anatomical alignment
  • Features lightweight polycarbonate frame that's molded and impact-resistant
  • Durable polyurethane foam protects frame and provides cushy comfort
  • Hypoallergenic black cover can be removed and spot washed
  • Includes removable, adjustable lumbar support pad for additional comfort for the lower back by supporting the lumbar curve
  • Use together with any Obusforme seat
  • Measures 20.8" x 17.5" x 5.75"

Lowback back rest construction and details

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