Leg Lounger Leg & Knee Pillow

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When most leg cushions allow you to use only in one position and consists of constant re-positioning, the LegLounger allows customized support and comfort and gives you the most out of your rest and relaxation time. This innovative leg support cushion helps body circulation and is perfect for those looking to get off their feet and just relax.

Works great with the Bed Lounge Support cushion!
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Breakthrough in Leg Elevation

leglounger-change-elevation.jpgElevate your feet for support and comfort with the Leg Lounger by Ceqaul, the same company that has brought you the Bed Lounge! The LegLounger is an adjustable leg and knee support cushion that allows you to select low, mid or peak range for a customized leg position for you. Uniquely crafted, the Leg Lounger features a self-inflating air lifted center core to allow you to adjust to the proper level of support. Lightweight and stylish, the Leg Louge is the perfect leg pillow, and is available in a variety of colors.

Elliptical Design Rotates for Customized Support and Relaxation

The Leg Lounger is unlike any other knee wedge or leg pillow currently on the market. It allows you to adjust into various comfort, support and height settings all while remaining in your relaxed position or seated. The Leg Lounger is perfect for those who are looking to support their legs, knees, ankles or feed. With it uniquely designed air-lifter core, it allows you to customize and adjust to the proper level of leg and knee support while cradling your feet, legs and knees.

leglounger-adjustable.jpgMost leg and knee pillows are designed to be used in only one position. The innovative tear drop design of the Leg Lounger, allows it to glide and roll, similar to a wheel beneath your legs. As it rolls forward or back, the Leg Lounger knee and leg elevation cushion changes its height to match your needs. You have a choice of Low Range, Mid Range and even Peak range elevation position to provide you with you customized support and comfort. The soft contoured surface not only allows you to elevate your legs, but it helps to distribute the weight of your legs and aids in helping relieve pressure and pain on your lower back.

Revolutionary Design Allows For Effortless Customization

leglounger-air-lifters.jpgThe design of the Leg Lounger support cushion is what makes this product so innovative. Constructed from multiple layers of of supportive and reilient foam, it is encased with soft fleece fibers. Inside are two different air lifters that can either inflate or deflate to adjust the firmness beneath your legs, knees or feet. With just a turn of soft grip valve on the LegLounger, you can find your perfect level of firmness that is more comfortable.

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