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Kabooti Orthopedic Coccyx Seat Cushion

All Day Comfort - Don't Sit Anywhere Without it!

Kabooti Orthopedic Coccyx Seat Cushion

A comfortable all-day seat cushion with donut hole and coccyx relief areas. Exclusively available in Black and Brand New Kabooti® ICE! Years of research helped us develop the ideal seat cushion for any environment. The Kabooti® ergonomic wedge shape ensures comfort in the car and office, while the relief areas provide proper support for special needs. You will never need another cushion.

"The Kabooti® Donut Cushion is the answer to prayers to those who find themselves sitting for long periods of time."...Jame J.

Need EXTRA Relief or a wider cushion? - Now available in larger 20" width and our new Kabooti® ICE cushion with removable ice pack for cooling relief of sensitive areas.


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The Donut Seat Cushion with a Coccyx Cutout, Now with Cooling Ice insert!

Comfort sore and sensitive areas with this innovative new seat cushion! The KABOOTI® foam seat cushion provides a complete solution to seating by combining the best features and benefits of a ring shaped donut cushion, coccyx cushion and a traditional seating wedge. Our seat cushionhas a completely re-invented ergonomic design you won't find anywhere else.  If you need a donut cushion or a coccyx cushion for medical reasons or improved support, or a superior seat cushion which can provide all-day comfort, this is a great choice.  Now available in wider widths and New Kabooti Ice with therpautic cooling insert!


  • 3 Cushions in One: Donut Ring | Coccyx Cushion | Seat Wedge
  • Now available - KABOOTI® ICE - with removable ice pack for therapeutic, cooling relief!
    • Therapeutic Cooling Comfort with Soothing, Removable "ICEY" Gel insert
    • Ices Away Discomort Wherever, Whenever you sit!
    • Comforts and Reduces Pressure on Your Tailbone
    • Provides Cooling Relief for
      • Hemorrhoids
      • Post Surgery Recovery
      • Post-Partum Discomfort
      • Perineal Wounds
      • Testicular Pain
  • Large Coccyx cutout reduces tail bone pressure and provides comfort during prolonged sitting
  • The cover features a double knit fabric which stretches in two ways. The cover also makes this donut discreet - no one will know it's not a tradition seat cushion!
  • Corner lobes provide stability and improve balance over regular donut cushion design
  • Center triangular cut-out provides relief for medical conditions and comfort for hemmorhoids and recent surgery
  • Tapered front edge reduces pressure points underneath thighs and easily accommodates table, desk and driving positions
  • Stretch fabric cover is removable and machine washable, Choose from 3 colors including Black - Only available direct from Contour Living!
  • Dimensions: 17.5" wide x 13.5" deep; 3.25" high tapering to 1.5"; Coccyx Cutout: 3" wide; Donut Ring Cutout: 7.5" wide x 3" deep
  • Also Available, KABOOTI® LARGE WIDTH - Same Great Design, but 18% Wider!

Additional Kabooti® Cushion Features

  • Coccyx cutout extends from back of cushion all the way to the center oval cutout. This provides complete comfort for sore areas and also helps improve airflow so user is cool and comfortable
  • Wedge shaped cushion features tapered design - thicker in back and narrower in front. This allows complete support where you need it (tailbone, buttocks) and less support under thighs. Especially helpful when driving or sitting at a desk. This design also helps circulation under thighs.
  • Ergonomic design helps promote proper posture by slightly tilting the pelvis forward. This maintains the spine's proper lumbar curve for low back comfort and pelvic support.
  • Constructed of one-piece molded support foam - designed to provide optimum support while remaining comfortable

Multiple features of the Kabooti Coccyx Cushion

Product Dimensions:
Standard & ICE: 17 x 13 x 2.75" H (tapering to 1.5"H in front) The Large Size is 20" Wide.
Cover Material:
Return Policy:
1 Year MFG - Covered by Contour Care Program
hemorrhoids, coccyx pain


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  1. So Glad I Found This Cushion! 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 8th Aug 2017)

    Product was just as advertised and delivered on time.
    The Kabooti Coccyx Seat Cushion works very well and is much more comfortable than the cheapy I bought at a department store.

  2. Perfect for office jobs! 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 2nd Mar 2017)

    This cushion has greatly reduced my back pain! I work 8 hours at a computer and I'm so happy I finally bought this cushion.

  3. TOO FIRM 4 Star Review

    (Submitted on 26th Jan 2017)


  4. Getting off the seat 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 13th Jan 2017)

    Some time ago I had purchased a flat gel seat but still had a measure pain when getting off it. When I purchased this Kabooti, the very first time I sat on it then got up there was no pain. I placed this Kabooti on a wooden chair then on a lounger type chair, both problem chairs in the past but now no pain when getting off them. I'm anxious to try stadium chairs and my car seat now.

  5. R E L I E F 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 20th Nov 2016)

    The Kabooti provided relief for the pressure on my coccyx and the relief was almost immediate. Greatly reduced the pain I was experiencing because of pinched nerves in my lower back. Bought a second for my home office chair. They allow me to sit longer and focus better because there is so much less pain.

  6. Not that supportive 3 Star Review

    (Submitted on 22nd Sep 2016)

    Good concept but my bottom still hurts. After about an hour my tailbone starts hurting defeating the reason I bought this in the first place.

  7. fantastic idea, just not as comfortable as I had hoped 3 Star Review

    (Submitted on 15th Aug 2016)

    I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and am trying everything I can to find something that helps me when I'm sitting for long periods of time at work. I thought I'd try this cushion. The premise of the cushion is really good but I feel that the thickness of it, especially towards my knees was uncomfortable. The customer service, shipping, and overall quickness was superior. It definitely takes pressure off of the coccyx but is too hard for what I need for work.

  8. Wonderful Coccyx Cushion 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 26th May 2016)

    This is a great product for an inured coccyx! It allows me to sit comfortably which was not possible before it came - and it came very quickly!

  9. Best cushion for tailbone problem. 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 8th May 2016)

    This is the best cushion/pillow I've come across yet, and I've tried several! I call it my "tushy-cush." I plan on buying a second one, so I can have one in the car!
    My current Kabooti coccyx cushion is being used in my favorite chair (recliner). Really like and need it.

  10. Works for me 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 29th Apr 2016)

    After a phenomenal amount of money was spent on three other products, I stumbled on this cushion and finally have relief. I just ordered a second one because I've been carrying it everywhere and using it in the car.

  11. Great for everywhere. 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 28th Apr 2016)

    Originally bought this after a long drive that aggravated an earlier tailbone injury. It made such a huge difference, I have bought another to have at work.

  12. Ok, I guess, but not what I needed 3 Star Review

    (Submitted on 21st Apr 2016)

    The cushion is very firm. I also think the hole is too small for protecting my tailbone. It's ok on a hard chair, but when I use it on softer chairs, in the car, on the sofa...it makes my back hurt worse. I'm guessing I haven't found the perfect positioning on softer chairs.
    Needless to say, I'm disappointed as my back doctor recommended using this for life. I'm in my early 40s and that's a long time to be disappointed.

  13. I now have 4 Kabooti cushions 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 6th Mar 2016)

    They have saved my rear end. I have two in my home, one in my car and one in my business office.

    Thank you to contour living.

  14. Not What I Expect 2 Star Review

    (Submitted on 8th Jan 2016)

    I needed to find a cushion for tailbone relief. I've been using it for a week and find it too hard causing more pain to my tailbone. When I sit on it for a long period of time I have to get up slowly because I feel so much pressure on my tailbone. I don't recommend it!

  15. Too hard To Sit On 2 Star Review

    (Submitted on 8th Jan 2016)

    I believe it is too hard. Is there a softer option?

    Customer Service Response: I would recommend checking out the Freedom Seat, which still features the coccyx cutout and wedge design and is a bit softer.

  16. Cut Out For Tailbone Is Not Big Enough 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 8th Jan 2016)

    This cushion is working really well for me. It does just what it is advertised to do. It has helped my back to feel better. Good price also.Very pleased with my new cushion. It is well made and it works as it is advertised! Recommend it to those who need this kind of help!

  17. This Cushion Really Works! 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 8th Jan 2016)

    Anyone who suffers from tailbone discomfort - this is the cushion for you. It holds it's shape. Has great support. You will not sink into your chair. This cushion protects protects your tailbone from coming in contact with your chair.

  18. Kabooti Seat Cushion 4 Star Review

    (Submitted on 8th Jan 2016)

    I had lower back surgery and need this for sitting long periods of time at work. I think it's great!

  19. Works Perfectly 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 8th Jan 2016)

    My bf has always had problems with his coccyx since he was in a car accident a few years ago. I've haven't seen him this comfortable since before the accident. The seat cushion is easy to take with you anywhere you go. He doesn't leave home without it now. Thanks for a fantastic product and alleviating most of my bf's pain. :)

  20. Great Cushion, But Maybe Not For All 4 Star Review

    (Submitted on 7th Jan 2016)

    I bought the Kabooti cushion because it was firm and wouldn't crush as much as others. It is firm, really firm. The coccyx cutout isn't really large enough. I had to modify this by trimming a little from each side. The main problem with the width of the cutout is getting the right positioning. If not positioned just right, it can be worse on the coccyx. So, it has to be larger. On a completely flat surface without sitting on it, it would be fine, but when seated the cutout collapses (bends) towards each other narrowing the gap.

    The only other problem with this cushion is the cover, not really enough give to allow the coccyx cutout to function properly. Plus, the non-skid bottom is not non-skid enough. You have to hold it in place with your hand between your legs to make sure it stays where it needs to be.

    If you want a cushion that doesn't collapse, and is firm (which it needs to be to keep it from collapsing) this is the one.

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