Customer Testimonials

Product reviews are a must for every business. But believe it or not, so should the overall experience. Our customer service team not only love hearing your awesome feedback about the service they provide to each and everyone of you. 

Feel free to let the team know how well they served you during your purchase process, or what they can do to improve your shopping experience simply by contacting us at or feel free to use our feedback form on our Contact Page.

"You guys truly have the best customer service. I really appreciate all of your assistance and your promptness. Thank you so much." --- Crystal Beam, Director of Branch Operations at Les Bois Credit Union

"Thanks for your help--you've given EXCELLENT customer service ." --- John Miller

"Thank you {in reference to CPAP Loyalty Program}. I look forward to purchasing from you guys in the future. Excellent customer service!" --- Michael Parks

"I would just like to let you know that you have one of the best customer service divisions in the country. Thanks for all your concerns and help." --- Dick Zittler, Hoffman Estates

"I would like to write to you regarding my shopping experience today at your store. I went to your site off of a simple Google search for a 'comfortable cushion' for my office chair. I used the informercial gel seat from Telebrands. Flattened out after awhile. I then purchased a standard kitchen chair cushion in hopes of some comfort. Pain sets in 15 minutes later.

Well I saw the current product you have on sale, the Kabooti Comfort Seat Cushion and before purchasing decided to use your chat option. Well I was connected with Kate, who to say the least was the most helpful, courteous, non-pushy sales person I have dealt with in a long time. She listened carefully to my needs, she researched other products that may suit my needs better. After careful review and likely testing her patience a bit I did end up with the Kabooti Comfort Seat. She pointed out my option to return if I am not happy with the product. Of course my hope is the product will work for me, period!

I felt she went above and beyond the call of duty in helping me and made me feel special as a customer. I will defintiely do business again with your company since I have CPAP supply needs and neck issues for which you offer relief products.

Great job and fantastic company. I already referred a friend to you who has chronic acid reflux and noticed the wedge pillow item you sell for that purpose. " --- Dana Kenyon

"Contour Living,
I ordered your pillow and it's made my head and neck super happy. This pillow is wonderful. I've had so much trouble sleeping on different pillows waking up with a stiff neck has been very painful, how your pillow has down wonders!It has even helped my back a great deal. Thank you so much this is terrific. I finally got a restful night sleep. I'm going to purchase a second pillow." --- Ms. D.G Threat