CPAPMax Pillow 2.0 for Sleep Apnea Treatment

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NEW! CPAPMax 2.0 is an orthopedic pillow that works with any CPAP mask type or brand, and can relieve the following sleep apnea symptoms and CPAP mask issues that affect not just your sleep, but also your life.
  • Prevents mask shifting
  • Eliminates mask interference
  • Stops leak noises
  • Minimizes facial pressure
  • Provides head, neck and shoulder comfort
  • Adjustable thickness to desired support and comfort
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Contour Living provides 100 pillow solutions for various conditions, but our top pick for the best sleep apnea pillow for CPAP users is the CPAPMax Pillow 2.0. CPAPMax is a contoured pillow solution for sleep apnea and is 20 x 13 x 5 inches with medium density, great for all position-style sleepers, the height is adjustable, has a quilted, zippered, and comes with a comfortable cover.

  • Pressure Free Zone allows mask to rest freely eliminating mask interference
  • Ergonomic Design prevents mask shifting which causes loud noises that awaken you in the night
  • Orthopedic features provides proper head, neck and shoulder alignment and comfort for optimal airflow
  • 3 Layers of Comfort allow you to remove labers to your desired thickness and comfort level
  • No more adjusting mask or straps through the night that cause redlines and indentations on your face!
  • FREE SHIPPING! Plus Save $5 When You Add A CPAPMax Pillow Case To Your Order!

Studies have shown that out of all sleep-related products, contoured pillow solutions rank as the best solution for relieving sleep apnea, and Contour Living has the most comfortable CPAP pillows and accessories in stock!

Pair your CPAPMax with CPAP mask wipes to keep your CPAP clean!

You have the option of ordering the CPAPMax pillow only, the pillow with the case, the Deluxe CPAPMax Comfort Kit, or the Ultimate CPAPMax Comfort Kit to help make sleeping with your mask comfortable and alleviate sleep apnea as much as possible.

We guarantee that the CPAPMax 2.0 contoured pillow will alleviate sleep apnea, but if you are not satisfied, we offer a 45-day return policy with all fees waived. If you love your CPAPMax and are sleeping great, the pillow comes with a 2 Year MFG Warranty.


3 Reviews

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    Love My New CAPMax 2.0

    Posted by Kay on 29th Aug 2017

    I have been struggling with Sleep Apnea for years. I finally had a sleep study done and was told I need to use a CPAP each night. The first couple days was straining, but figured it would get easier with time. It didn't! I found myself having to readjust constantly through the night and would wake up with dry mouth and nose. I started using the CPAPMax Pillow and it has been a godsend for treating my sleep apnea! I can now go to sleep and stay asleep. Thank you Contour!

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    Love This Pillow

    Posted by Dave on 29th Aug 2017

    I previously used a standard CPAP pillow and decided to give this a try. The thickness of the pillow and the 3D Mesh Memory Foam side keeps my neck and head comfortable and cool. I'm a side sleeper and the large cut outs keep my mask from shifting. With a standard CPAP pillow, I would usually have to adjust the mask at least once a night. After using this pillow for three weeks, I've not had this issue once. I've never used the tether so I cant comment on it, other than to say it looks no different than any other tether I've seen on a pillow. I highly recommend this pillow.

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    I would have given up!

    Posted by Carol on 29th Aug 2017

    This pillow is wonderful. I am new to the CPAP and having difficulties both mentally and physically get used to the mask. I sleep on my side and could only sleep on my back with a normal pillow. I was ready to give up as my back and neck were so sore. My husband found this pillow on line, ordered to try. Amazing I can sleep on my side and I am 2 months into my CPAP therapy. Recommend this pillow to anyone.

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