CPAPMax Bed Pillow 2.0

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First, it was the snoring. Snoring so loud that a good night’s sleep was just a dream. Then came the sleep apnea diagnosis, and the optimism that PAP Therapy would stop the snoring and make your dreams of sleep a reality. But the reality of a good night’s sleep with a new PAP user and a standard bed pillow is more of a nightmare than a dream. One wrong move by your partner while sleeping and you are both jolted into a whole new reality, instead of getting the sleep you so desperately need. Mask shifting, leaks and loud hissing noises have replaced the snoring. And you are still not getting a good night’s sleep. If this sounds familiar, there is help for your PAP user! The CPAPMax 2.0 is the answer!
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Happy Spouse = Happy House!

The health risks associated with Sleep Apnea, according to the American Sleep Apnea Association, can be severe. Left untreated, Sleep Apnea can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and depression, among other things.  These risks make your partner’s PAP therapy even more important! To get the maximum benefits of PAP therapy for your partner and the much-needed sleep that you both need, there is an easy solution!  The CPAPMax 2.0 pillow  makes treatment easy and will have you both sleeping soundly from the first night of use

With 4 adjustable height options, contoured side cutouts, ventilated memory foam and a hose tether, you can both say hello to a great night’s sleep!

  • The color coded adjustable layers inside the CPAPMax 2.0 allow the user to customize the pillow for the perfect height and support level that fit them specifically, offering maximum comfort.  A concave center offers neck support that improves airway alignment for better oxygen flow throughout the night.  Choose from 2 ¼” up to 5 ¼” in height, while adjusting the layers to your preferred firmness.
  • Ventilated memory foam with cool air technology keeps them cool all night.
  • With a Premium Double-Sided Pillow cover, your PAP user can choose the memory foam side with Cool 3D Mesh Air flow or the plush hypoallergenic fiberfill side with the soft micro-fiber pillow top.  The removable cover is machine washable for easy cleaning.
  • Complete side cutouts provide a pressure free zone for PAP masks that helps prevent mask shifting, which causes mask leaks and loud noises, dry eyes and uncomfortable mask lines.
  • The Hose Tether offers the freedom of movement throughout the night by keeping the PAP mask where it belongs on the face, reducing the need to overtighten the masks straps. The hose tether keeps your partner’s mask on their face where it belongs, eliminating those leaks and loud noises that wake you both up at night!

No matter what your partner’s preferred sleeping position is, they will benefit from using the CPAPMax pillow. For side and stomach sleepers, the contoured side cutouts reduce facial pressure and mask interference, while back and side sleepers will receive the orthopedic head and neck support needed to properly align the airway for optimum comfort.  Without mask shifting, leaks and noises throughout the night, the increased length and quality of sleep will reduce your partner’s health risks and leave you BOTH well rested, with more energy and focus.

According to the CDC, “Insufficient sleep is a public health epidemic.”  Sleep deprivation affects mood, weight and memory.  Here at Contour, we value sleep and we want you and your partner to get the best sleep that you need to live a healthy life.  If your partner is keeping you both up at night with their PAP therapy, you are not getting the sleep that is vital to your well being.  The CPAPMax 2.0 was designed with you both in mind! The CPAPMax pillow makes PAP therapy easy, so your partner will be comfortable, compliant and QUIET throughout the night.  Then end result?  You both wake up feeling rested and refreshed, your partner has reduced their health risks associated with untreated sleep apnea and your support aided in their successful PAP therapy!  

3 Reviews

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    This Helps My Husband and He Loves It!

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Aug 2017

    Bought this for my husband, he loves it. Really helps him sleep on side better. Wish it came with pillow case for the price though. Would definitely buy again. He's used it for a month now.

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    Helps with CPAP Mask Leaks

    Posted by Deborah L on 26th Jul 2017

    I ordered this pillow for my husband. He's states that it is extra comfortable. It has definitely cut down on mask leakage. Great buy!

  • 5
    My Husband is Finally Compliant and Sleeping Through the Night

    Posted by Colleen D on 26th Jul 2017

    The Contour CPAPMAX Pillow has been a great investment for my husband…and myself! Prior to using the pillow, he would toss and turn with his CPAP machine. He would also end up removing the mask from his face in the middle of the night due to discomfort. Since using the new contour pillow, he has been keeping the mask on all night and he seems to be sleeping better… and so do I!

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