CPAP Mask Wipes

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A fast and easy daily cleaner for your CPAP mask and equipment. 100% natural ingredients - freshens and cleans!
Your Quick & Easy Daily Cleaning Solution!
  • Remove Facial Oils
  • Optimize Mask Seal
  • Gentle on Face and Hands
  • Alcohol & Latex Free
  • 100% Viscos Fiber Cotton
Keep your mask clean, fresh and germ free! Optimize the seal of your mask with daily removal of facial oils and residue. These 100% pure viscos fiber cotton wipes are specifically formulated to naturally clean and protect your mask by effectively removing dirt, grease, oils and other organic residue!
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Keep Your CPAP Mask Clean & Fresh, The Easy Way

New - Citrus Scented! These 100% pure cotton wipes are specially formulated to naturally clean and protect your mask without the use of harmful chemicals. Now available in a pleasant, light citrus scent to keep your mask and equipment smelling clean and fresh. Contour CPAP Mask Wipes effectively remove dirt, grease, oils and other organic residue from your mask and other CPAP equipment. No more washing and soaking your equipment!

Biodegradable ○ Latex Free ○ No Animal Testing

  • Contour CPAP Mask Wipes contain only natural ingredients
  • Now available in either unscented, or citrus scented
  • Suitable for daily cleaning of CPAP masks, tubing and accessories
  • Safe and Effective
  • Alcohol and latex free
  • 100% viscos fiber (cotton/bamboo blend)
  • Gentle on hands and face
  • Contains 62 wipes
  • Contains 100% natural cleansers derived from coconut and other plant extracts.


These 100% Pure Cotton wipes are specifically formulated to naturally clean and protect your mask by effectively removing dirt, grease, oils and other organic residue.


20 Reviews

  • 5
    Best product ever

    Posted by Joe on 13th Mar 2016

    Best product for this purpose. All this is the best price I could find for these wipes, and the shipping was super fast! Thanks!

  • 5
    No scent, means no scent.

    Posted by Contour Living Customer on 16th Mar 2015

    I have been buying these wipes for almost 3 years, and I love them!

  • 5
    The Best Wipes!

    Posted by Sueday on 13th Jan 2015

    I bought these for my husband's mask. I was using baby wipes, but those had a scent, which he didn't care for and they left a lot of lint, on the mask. I bought these wipes in the unscented and they leave very little lint. We really like these wipes.

  • 5
    Excellent Product

    Posted by Contour Living Customer on 29th Nov 2014

    Works great. I feel comfortable that my mask, cushions etc are clean & sanitary with a few quick swipes.

  • 5
    Easiest way to really clean masks

    Posted by Senior Tom from Ann Arbor on 7th Nov 2014

    Both my wife and I use this wonderful product. You can take the masks to the sink and clean with gentle detergent, etc. , which is often advisable, or you can just grab for a wipe and clean your cushion mask in just a minute or two. Kleenex etc. cannot do the job. Use these and you will SEE the difference (and smell the "clean" when you put on your mask.

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Hugh on 11th Feb 2014

    No smell, easy and convenient to use and very effective.

  • 5
    Much easier than cleaning with soap & water

    Posted by Marie on 7th Nov 2013

    These wipes make it much easier to clean my cpap air pillows than washing with soap & water. It's quick & my mask dries within minutes. There is no odor or residue. Would recommend to anyone.

  • 5
    Great Wipes

    Posted by Dave C. on 29th Jul 2013

    These wipes are great for everyday cleaning. I am able to keep my cushions twice as long as before and don't have to wash them everyday. No funny smell to them and they are easy to use.

  • 5
    These Wipes are Great

    Posted by Kim W. on 29th Jul 2013

    My husband uses them for his C-PAP which is a lot easier than anything else we have used. They don't have a strong smell at all, says he.

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