Contour Inflatable Wedge

Product Set Up Instructions for

Inside the Box
Cleaning Instructions:
Spot clean only with soap & water.
DO NOT use chemicals on product.

How To Set Up Your Product
1. UNPACK Your Product
Remove the air bladder & hand pump from the box.
2. OPEN Valve on Air Bladder
Use the hang tab on the valve cap, and pull way from the unit to open.
3. INFLATE Unit with Hand Pump
Insert the tip of the nozzle into the valve. WIth your other hand, pull the barrel part of the pump backwards & then push the barrel forward which will inflate bladder with air.
4. ADJUST Air Pressure to Suit Comfort
Lay on the wedge & push the Air Release Tab in to allow some air to escape to find your comfort level.
5. CLOSE CAP on the Valve
Place the valve cap over the Air Release tab & push in to close and secure the cap.

DEFLATING the Bed Wedge
You can deflate your unit one of two ways listed below. For partial deflation for adjusting firmness level, select option 1. For those looking to completely delfate the wedge for storage, select option 2.
  1. For Partial Deflation - Open the valve cap & gently push in the Air Release tab.
  2. For Complete Deflation - Open the valve cap & gently turn the Air Release tab 1/4 (quarter) turn clockwise. You will fell the valve "click", which indicats the valve is locked OPEN in the deflate postion. You can let go of the Air Release tab & allow the unit to deflate on its own for a minute or two.

After several minutes, if there is still air in the unit, simply apply pressure to the air bladder to push the remaining air out.

IMPORTANT: Once deflation is complete, gently twist your Air Release valve tab 1/4 (quarter) counter-clockwise to CLOSE the valve.