WondaWedge Inflatable Back Wedge Cushion

Posted by Contour Living on 7th Jul 2014

Sorry, this item is no longer available

Compact & Easy to Inflate - Great for travel! This unique back wedge inflates to provide great support and can be used almost anywhere - in bed, on floor, even at the beach. Its waterproof and has an attached mat that uses your own body weight to keep in place.

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The WondaWedge offers an easy, portable and practical way to ensure proper back support. It's an inflatable back pillow with an attached mat. Provides perfect support for the beach, in bed, on the floor, almost anywhere! Because it's inflatable, you can pack it in your luggage and bring it anywhere!

The WondaWedge is made of high quality sueded vinyl. It's waterproof and very comfortable - even in the hot sun! Use it while sitting, reclining or laying down.

  • Lightweight, portable and compact - bring it anywhere!
  • Multi-positional back support
  • Constructed of sueded vinyl with an attached mat
  • Waterproof!
  • Provides back support and uses body weight on attached mat to keep in place
  • Choose from Blue, Gray, Green or Yellow
  • Dimensions: Mat - 17" x 31.5"; Pillow - 20" x 19" x 12" x 17" wide