Why a Better Bra Will Help Your Back Health

Posted by Bethaney Wallace on 23rd Jan 2014

Out of all the things that contribute to – to take away from a healthy back – there’s no arguing that some are more prevalent than others. Injuries can take a strong hold, posture or everyday activities contribute can create painful habits, while types of chairs can offer a great deal of added stress. And then there are the aspects that can’t be changed, like one’s body parts. This is perhaps most prevalent in large-breasted women, who can spend the better part of a day hunching over from frontal weight.

Considering it’s the back that works to support and keep everything in place (especially its front), it’s no wonder that it starts developing pains. There is simply too much pressure relying on a single, static area. Gravity pulls, the back cranes or stretches keep up, and in the process, muscles become strained and sore.

With a better, more functional bra, however, some of the weight can be distributed elsewhere, like the shoulders or onto the bra itself. After all, isn’t that what it’s there for?

When looking for a new model, there’s plenty to search for in a quality bra. It should hold, support, and improve posture in a natural manner. The piece should also induce comfort without digging, pulling, or introducing new pains – in the back or elsewhere.

How to Find the Best-Fitting Bra

One of the easiest ways to find the just right fit is to get sized by tape measure-holding professional. These workers are certified and can be found almost anywhere bras as sold. Ask them for a fitting (which are provided at no extra charge) to find your perfect size. And don’t be afraid to ask for a second opinion, especially years down the line. Bodies change, even if they don’t “grow” and having another once-over will only work to offer a more comfortable fit.

Wearing the wrong size is the number one cause for breast-related back pains, and can easily be eliminated. And if your size isn’t offered at a certain store, don’t settle. Look online or for local shops with a wider variety.

Next, look to strap and band features. Contrary to popular belief, much of the bra’s function comes from the band itself, not the straps. The band should be firm and offer the majority of your chest’s support around the middle of the body. However, straps do offer added support as well. Look to wider bands for a more comfortable fit that uses more shoulder space. This will distribute the weight across the skin, eliminating digging pains.

Quality should also be considered when bra shopping. While cheaper options sound appealing, they also lack longevity. Not only do higher quality brands offer more support than their knock off counterparts, they won’t wear or break down as easily during use. Cheaper bras can sag and lose holding power, even without the wearer realizing. That means more back pains, which often increase as the bra begins to wear. [She Knows]

From everyday back pains caused by larger breasts, to the natural break down of women’s posture, there are several causes for ongoing aches and pains. Many of which can easily be cured by the addition of a new, more supportive undergarment. If you’re experiencing ongoing pains, it’s also a good idea to talk to your doctor about what steps are right for you. To find the best model for your body, look to the above shopping tips. And the next time you’re experiencing back pains throughout the day, consider buying a more practical bra to help divvy out the burden of larger breasts.