VIP - CPAP Loyalty Club

Posted by Contour Living on 14th Nov 2013

Become a CPAP Loyalty Member Today!

At Contour, we have created a special club for sleep apnea patients that allow you to save on all your favorite CPAP products you use regularly. Save on items like CPAP Mask Wipes, that help keep your mask clean from dirt and debris, pillow cases for you CPAP pillows and even moisturizers.

We also included with your loyalty, all the products the Hot & Cold Pack Therapy category to help make your CPAP therapy experience that much more painless.

How Much Does This Cost and Who Can Join?

The club is FREE to join, the only thing we require is that you are a returning customer, and have previously made a purchase of CPAP related items prior to signing up to become a Loyalty Club member.

How Do I Sign Up?

You can sign up by clicking on the red "Click Here To Sign Up" button above. A pop up will appear and ask you for your name and email (used exclusively to send you an introductory welcome email about the club), and that's it.

Can I Leave The Club?

Of course, although the club is free to join and does not cost anything, the only thing it does it tell our website to give you better prices for CPAP products.

If you have any further questions or concern, please contact us directly either through our online chat, by phone at 800-950-0230 ext 2400 or email us at