Using the BackMax Plus for Surgery Recovery

Posted by Bethaney Wallace on 14th Dec 2013

backmax-data-screenshot.pngAfter any level of surgery, it’s always a good idea to let the body properly heal. Whether it needs rest, physical therapy, or just a great deal of pain medication, surgeries of all kinds need to be treated with respect. Lest the patient move on too quickly and create an additional injury. Of course, it’s always best to listen – very strictly – to doctors’ instructions, but there are also ways to help shorten recovery time. Or at the very minimum, help make that time more comfortable.

One such product is the BackMax Plus, one of Contour Living’s most innovative cushions. Transferable into multiple positions and working to reduce pressure on healing areas, it’s a comfort-inducing, pain-fighting machine. And perhaps best of all, users can adjust sections to remove weight or gravity where pain becomes the worst. This type of mechanism is ideal for positioning the body during surgery recovery as it actually takes away pressure on stitches, swelling, or other inflamed areas. Especially within the back, legs, or feet.

And for a limited time, the BackMax Plus even comes with a pillow – keep your neck properly supported while enjoying your post-surgery recovery.

Tips for Surgery Relief

After coming home from the hospital or surgery center, it can be hard to focus on proper recovery. That’s where the BackMax comes in handy. Place the cushion on the floor or on top of a bed, depending on your location of choice. This can be done before leaving the house, or by asking a loved one for help. Next, find the position that feels the most comfortable. Prop up the legs, allow the back to dip for weight and pressure relief, or elevate the lower half of the body to support ample blood flow.

Because of its interchangeable positions – and extreme source of comfort – the BackMax Plus is great for resting, reading, sleeping, and watching TV. Or, stay propped when guests come to visit post-operation. No matter the recovery activity, your BackMax can help make it a reality. And while cutting down healing time in the process.

To find the best back or leg combinations for your recovery time, talk to your doctor about what areas should and shouldn't hold weight, or ask for the best healing positions.

Additional Perks:

  • The shoulders and head are automatically supported with the BackMax Plus – no need for additional pillows or props (unless desired).
  • Knees and hips receive an increase in circulation, which decreases both pain and healing time.
  • Supportive foam eliminates stress and tension in muscles, which allows the body to fully relax.
  • The BackMax is lightweight and can easily be moved throughout one’s home. This is ideal for surgery patients, as they aren’t confined to a single room or location.
  • Cushion comes with fleece cover that can be washed as needed, for an always-clean surface.
  • Use the carrying case if resting at a relative’s house, or when overnight observation is necessary.
  • Sections are removable to create the perfect shape and sized BackMax for individualized pain relief

After going under the knife, the body can take on a great deal of stress. There are stitches, areas that can’t support weight, and pressure that needs to be alleviated to help reduce swelling. Not to mention the ongoing pain from even the slightest of movements. Whether knee, back, leg, or hip surgery, the BackMax Plus is a great healing surface. Use it to remove weight and pressure on the surgery area, to allow the body to fully relax, and to increase healing time.

Talk to your doctor about surgery specifics – and look toward this customizable cushion for a foolproof way to heal. Order your BackMax today at Contour Living.