Upgrade your Office with a New Chair Cushion

Posted by Bethaney Wallace on 28th Nov 2013

upgradeseatcushion.pngAlmost anyone who sits at a desk will agree that hours of “office” work can become tiring and monotonous. Not so much because of the job, but because the majority of it has to be done while sitting. Looking at the same view, performing the same tasks, and sitting at the same desk while in the same chair. And not in a recliner or cozy setting (which likely wouldn’t be good for one’s back health), but in an office chair. A 90-degree, thinly cushioned space that was made specifically for long-term engagements.

Historically, these chairs were a mark of good craftsmanship, and were almost as important to keep the sitter awake as they were to act as a sturdy, strong piece of furniture. Personalized cushions could be added, but didn’t always offer the proper supportive features that can easily be found today. “Cushions” consisted of hand-made versions and often wore out quickly.

In contrast, more recent office chairs have been made with far more amenities – adjustments, thicker or memory cushions, height variations, etc. – to help improve spine and back health. Office chairs are now more about comfort than they are a means to stay awake throughout the day. Older versions still offer little support and comfort to its users; this can also be said for cheaper models, or newer chairs that boast excessive hours of sitting time. Chairs simply weren’t made to last forever, and over time, their supports begin to break down.

So how do you get the best of all of these words? How do you get your work done without sacrificing back health – whether choosing to sit in an antique chair, or just not wishing to purchase a new pricey model each year?

With the help of an office chair cushion. Small, large, custom made, or portable, each cushion is specifically made to help the user get through each long day of sitting in supreme comfort.

What Office Chair Cushions Have to Offer

By acting as a small addition to one’s everyday routine, these cushions can add a great deal of comfort and support in a tiny, removable package. Choose a model that custom molds to your office chair, or consider a portable version that packs into your purse for easy transportation. Those with spinal pain can use pillows with back support, while others may opt for thicker rear support. With all sizes and comfort levels available, long-term sitters are sure to find the seating model that best fits their needs.

One of the biggest perks to office chair cushions is their affordability. While entire chairs (especially quality ones) can become quite pricey, cushions can be purchased at just a small portion of those fees. They can also add back or rear comfort exactly where the sitter needs it – that way each user can create a customized fit for their own office chair.

Seat cushions can also:

  • Improve back and spinal health
  • Reduce medical side effects of poor posture
  • Reduce ongoing aches and pains
  • Provide proper spinal alignment
  • Create a customized fit for each user, which only increases with each use
  • Greatly improve seat comfort
  • Greatly improve seat comfort
  • Create cool or moisture wicking abilities during hot working days
  • Prolong the life of one’s office chair

Whether it’s employee or boss looking into the purchase of new working chair(s), cushions are a great alternative. They’re cost-friendly, offer a number of benefits, and can greatly increase the comfort and health factors of one’s chair. When stopping to look at everything office chair cushions have to offer, in comparison, footing the bill seems like a small price to pay.

Before writing off your current office chair or swearing off sitting altogether, consider the addition of a small, but powerful cushion, to help make working life easier.