Treat These Medical Ailments with Your New L-Shaped Pillow

Posted by Bethaney Wallace on 30th Jan 2014

Whether or not we’re aware, how we sleep each night can lead to a number of health related problems. From the positions we sleep in, to the mattress we sleep on, to the levels of rest we’re able to achieve, our health can take a direct hit. You know how great it feels after a good night of sleep – you wake up rested, energized, and ready to take on the day. But you also know how awful a morning can feel after getting a bad night of sleep – the opposite of the above, but somehow even worse. That’s why it’s important to do everything in our power to get the most and best rest possible each night.

Especially when things other than mood and energy levels can be affected. Just by sleeping with an unsupportive pillow, an entire slew of medical conditions can develop. And the longer you go without support, the worse these ailments can become.

Sleeping with an improper pillow can cause:

  • Headaches
  • Hip pain
  • A stiff back
  • Other back pains
  • Painful or numb shoulders
  • Various pinched nerves in the neck, shoulders, legs, or back
  • Elbow callouses
  • Knee bruises
  • Hip or other joint-related pains

Alone – or especially combined – these problems can lead to a reduction in one’s quality of life. Whether you’re tending to pains, looking for treatments, or just dealing with the ongoing side effects, the above can take a great toll on one’s everyday activities.

How to Make Your Symptoms Disappear With One Product

Though it may sound too good to be true, all of the above can actually be solved with one affordable product: the L-shaped pillow. Adding support and comfort to all who use it, this pillow is specially designed to maximize sleeping abilities while reducing body stress.

The L-Pillow offers two main surfaces – on either leg of the “L”. One works to support the head and neck, while the other is meant for the hips and legs. Or use the bottom half to keep your back aligned, which will straighten the spine and help to reduce back pain almost immediately. (For those who suffer from sleeping “crooked” on a regular basis.) The pillow also works to reduce the amount of weight placed on one’s arms or shoulders. By leaning on the pillow instead, pains and nerves can get some much-needed relief while you gain some much-needed comfort.

Additionally, it’s a great support for nursing mothers – whether feeding or holding their baby.

So, how does one pillow do so much?

By removing stress and weight on the parts of the body and receive them the most, the body is able to relax, rest, and recuperate. This means pain-causing symptoms are eliminated while providing comfort (and therefore regular sleep) in the process.

Additional Features of the L-Pillow

  • The pillow is 40-inches in length, allowing room for direct head, neck, arm, stomach, and even knee support.
  • It comes with a soft, striped damask cover to keep your pillow clean and cozy at all times.
  • Premium fabric is used for a luxurious microfiber feel that adds to your overall sleeping experience.
  • Each pillow is made with quality construction to ensure a long lifespan and satisfaction during use.
  • Can easily be moved for turning or flipping throughout the night.
  • Use as a leg pillow to gain added support within the back, hips, and knees.

Where to Buy the L-Pillow

Ready to start benefitting from your very own L-shaped pillow? Head to Contour Living’s L-Pillow page to read the facts, get a clear view of the product, or order your own.

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