The Flip Pillow – Now in Color!

Posted by Bethaney Wallace on 13th Mar 2014

For all the color lovers out there, we have some great news: never will you have to lounge on a boring, white Flip Pillow again! Now you can outfit the model in a vibrant, personalized color. Still coming with the same great comfort and posture features, now users can sleep, sit, and lean in style. Choose from one of four exciting new colors (navy, light blue, sage, and beige) – or for those who can’t decide – get them all. (And for the lovers of all things classic, there’s always plain white.)

These great new options add style and personality to one of our favorite products, but without skimping on function. Choose the best hue to match your bedroom or living room décor, or pick the color that reflects your best personality. But because it’s still a classic Flip Pillow underneath, you can rest assured you’re still met with the highest quality of posture-giving comfort. With all of the new options and the Flip Pillow’s proven track record, you can’t go wrong, no matter the final outcome.

Best of all, with a cover (or two, or four), you can make sure your Flip Pillow is clean and germ-free at all times. Remove your cover after recovering from a cold, when returning home from a trip, or just every so often to ensure a solid cleaning. Neat freaks love the ease of removal, while the entire crowd loves the ability to unzip and wash in a few simply movements. And for those who never get to the laundry pile, switch out your next cover for a pillow that’s still clean and ready to use. No matter your preferred method, you can find a surefire way to keep your Flip Pillow user-ready.

The Benefits of the Flip Pillow

Coming in three different sizes, the Flip Pillow brings comfort and function to virtually any resting position. Keep one in your bed for nighttime reading or for sleeping on a slight incline (great for helping fight acid reflux or keeping pregnancy pains at bay). They’re also great for relaxing on the floor or couch by keeping your back, neck, and rear aligned. With its plush cushion, you can easily find a comfortable (and supportive) position that reflects proper spinal health.

And, like its name suggests, the pillow actually “flips,” so you can find new formations with each position. Use the shorter side when reading in bed, prop it up for some nighttime TV, or flip it completely around and use the traditional pillow end while sleeping. (Acid reflux sufferers can also sleep on a gentle incline to reduce stomach symptoms.) It can also help prop the knees or legs to help eliminate back pain while sleeping or lounging.

Whether folding or flipping, you can mold your Flip Pillow into 10 different positions!

Additional Benefits:

  • Rough dimensions of the standard sized pillow is 19" long x 20" wide x 18" high.
  • Larger queen and king sizes are also available.
  • Filled with a soft polyester fiber-fill.
  • Colored cases are 300tc 100% cotton
  • White case is a soft and durable microfiber

Order Now and Save

For a limited time, the Flip Pillow is on sale, plus order a Flip Pillow, with any case & Contour Living will ship your order FREE! Celebrate the new color releases by saving on your next order. Get one for yourself, a loved one, or stock up for the guest room. With these new lowered prices, it’s easy to get more product for your money. Tag on one of the new case colors and the shipping is on us!

To learn more about the Flip Pillow, head to Contour Living’s pillow section or get in touch through our live chat.