The 5 Healthiest Pregnancy Sleeping Positions

The 5 Healthiest Pregnancy Sleeping Positions

Posted by Bethaney Wallace on 30th Apr 2014

Toward the end of a pregnancy, it can be hard to get comfortable … at all. Let alone while you’re trying to get some sleep in the process. Because your body is growing and your organs are making way for the ongoing changes (a whole other person), there are simply too many adjustments to account for all at once. However, while this may be natural, it doesn’t make it any easier to relax, let along stay comfortable for hours on end.

To promote both the baby’s health and your own, however, there are a number of ways to sleep. Or, in the case of many, all within a single night, depending on how long you can lay still. From working with specialized pillows to remembering to let your body take care of itself through the night, try out these healthy sleeping positions for all stages of pregnancy. (However, you should always talk with your doctor first to ensure individual case safety. Talk to he or she about specific concerns, or ask for general rules to follow when heading to bed.)

Each of these sleeping positions are sure to offer added comfort without drawing added pregnancy risks (once given the doctor seal of approval) along the way.

5. The Side Sleeper

With a growing belly, sleeping on one’s side – whether left or right – is generally a crowd favorite. It allows for the stomach to be supported from underneath without jeopardizing back health in the process. Consider adding a pillow between the knees or behind the back to help you stay in place. As well as to keeping from creating too much pressure on your joints.

4. Leg Support

When laying on your back, look to outside help to keep your spine aligned. (Which can be especially important when carrying extra weight.) This can mean a wedged pillow under the lower portion of the legs, or simply propping them up before laying down for the evening. A recliner also offers great leg rising action.

Though propped legs isn't preferred by every pregnant lady, some say this movement takes pressure off of both the stomach and the back while offering a comfortable alternative to laying flat.

3. On an Incline

With an inclined pillow, almost infinite levels of rest can be found. Choose from models that offer gradual slopes, or ones that create a high resting place for the head, depending on your level of comfort throughout the night. Sleeping on an incline has also been shown to reduce back pain, while working to eliminate outside factors such as heartburn or stomachaches. Especially in late-term pregnancies.

2. Belly Down

Believe it or not, with a little creativity, pregnant bellies of all sizes can enjoy a stint of belly-down sleeping. This can be done by removing a middle couch cushion, creating a lifted section of the bed where a hole is left in the middle, or any number of other unique solutions. Women have also been said to cut holes in lawn chairs and used them both outdoors (when the weather is nice), and indoors when their back simply needs a break.

1. On a Specialized Pillow

For the late-term months, sometimes only the highest level of comfort will do. And that means a full body, supportive pillow. Convertible versions like the BackMax Plus allow for a number of different positions to be made, while body pillows offer a plush surface for the entire body. Whatever your choice, remember that all types of full-bodied pillows are available and can help keep you comfortable even in the latest of pregnancy days.  

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