Soothe Back Pain with These Essential Oils

Posted by Bethaney Wallace on 14th Jan 2014

Whether a small tingling or an ongoing, deep pain, feeling down in the back can be miserable. Chronic, unstoppable, and recurring from a once-injury, these lifetime events make it hard to enjoy day-to-day activities. Generally caused by a pulled muscle or significant injury, back pain is simply one of those instances that won’t go away. While some may be luckier than others at finding treatments that work, many are just finding ways to manage their pain on a daily basis.

One growing trend in the way of pain management is the use of essential oils. Natural, healthy, and only limited to what your nose can handle, these oils offer an easy, effective way for users to treat their pain. Incorporating points of pressure – through self treatment, massage, or acupuncture – may also help prolong the oils’ effects. However, whatever oil treatment you choose, it’s important to remember this method can be used alongside other options. Though you should always check with your doctor first, this natural pain cure is safe to use, and can be paired with various other methods to help get the most out of your pain management routine.

Essential oils, and other areas of aromatherapy (candles, lotions, potpourris, etc.) also allows you to feel calm and relaxed – which can offer healing power in its own right. Just by choosing scents that feel most soothing to you, you can relax and help reduce pain in your own home.

But that doesn’t mean the oils don’t have something to do with it. Pair your symptoms with these different scents to find the best healing combination. You can even consider mixing complimenting scents to gain twice the healing power in a single dose of oils.

  • Chamomile – works to control muscle spasms on contact, while it also holds pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. Also coming in tea form, consider drinking your relief in a hot, steaming cup of chamomile-flavored tea.
  • Lavender – helps prevent muscle spasms and inflammation. Lavender oil can also relieve muscle tension, which can intensify back pain over time. Many consider this floral, gentle scent a favorite.
  • Clary sage – known for its soothing properties, clary sage has a calming effect. Use it when you feel most tense or anxious. The oil also has anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory abilities. (Note: Do not use clary sage during pregnancy.)
  • Yarrow – hosts anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties. Great for ongoing back spasms or sharp, pointed pains.
  • Rosemary – use this oil for its analgesic and anti-spasmodic abilities. Rosemary is also great for improving blood circulation, which can reduce pain in the back through natural vein flow.
  • Ginger – used to increase mobility; this raised flexibility has been known to reduce pain as it allows patients to move more freely and release tension within their back.
  • Peppermint – great for reducing pain; use it to reduce aches and soothe the skin. This is another crowd favorite scent; use this when afraid of being obtrusive with natural scents.
  • Frankincense – hosts anti-inflammatory properties, and is also known for its mild sedative qualities. Frankincense is great for bed time, or when ready to sit and relax.

For a DIY massage recipe, combine 1 tablespoon sweet oil, 4 drops wintergreen, 4 drops cardamom and 4 drops ginger oil. Mix thoroughly and keep in a sealed container. This mixture will help soothe and ease pain while applying gentle pressure to the injured area. [Natural News]

From small aches to everyday pains, essential oils can offer a great deal of relief. But best of all, they allow you to ease pressure without the addition of harsh chemicals or dangerous medicines that may host side effects.

Give essential oils a try to ease your ongoing back tension in a natural, healthy environment.