Simple Tips To Ease Back Pain At Night

Posted by Contour Living on 3rd Nov 2013

(NAPSI)-Millions of Americans suffer from restless, uncomfortable sleep, and poor body support at night may be the root of the problem. Aligning your body the way nature intended can minimize tossing and turning, relieve aches and pains and alleviate morning stiffness, helping you feel better all day.

Dr. Scott Donkin, an ergonomics specialist who has created an educational pamphlet series including Sleeping Fit and author of "Sitting On The Job," says that the importance of leg support at night is often overlooked. "Stress and discomfort often result from the upper leg and knee being unsupported during side sleeping. The sleeper instinctively shifts the upper knee forward, causing the hips and spine to rotate, putting a twisting force on the lower back. This often leads to low back pain at night and can aggravate an existing condition.

"The solution is to place a leg pillow between your lower thighs. This keeps the upper legs even, eliminating pressure on the knees and drastically reducing the tendency to twist the hips. Maintaining a comfortable open side posture helps keep your spine in a natural, relaxed position for a great night's sleep."

"Sleeping with better alignment is easy and affordable if you know what can help," says Scott Davis, CEO of Contour Living, a leading U.S. ergonomic sleep and comfort company. "Consumers are beginning to recognize the effectiveness of sleep support and alignment products as a natural means for getting good rest and minimizing aches and pains."

Here are some tips to help you properly align your body for restful sleep:

  • The National Institutes of Health recommends sleeping with a pillow between your legs as a treatment for low back pain.
  • Head pillows should be shaped to support the curve of your cervical spine.
  • Leg pillows should fit the shape of your legs to comfortably stay put at night.
  • Look for mattress pads that support the curve of your lumbar spine, rather than just a flat piece of foam.
  • The two most important features to consider when choosing body alignment products are shape and material. Memory foam best relieves pressure points, while fiberfill offers a softer feel and more ventilation.

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Proper support is important for good sleep. Using a leg pillow like this one from Contour Living is an easy, low-cost way to help relieve back, hip and leg aches at night.