Problems Sleeping? Try these Easy (and Natural) Cures

Posted by Bethaney Wallace on 15th Jan 2014

Getting the proper amount of sleep each night can be an important aspect to your day. Without feeling rested it’s hard to stay on task, remain in a good mood, and fulfill each of your duties for the day. In short, not sleeping well throughout the night can affect your entire day. And considering all that takes place while sleeping, it’s no wonder as to why; a resting brain gets recharged for future use, relaxes the body and all its muscles, and allows the body to continue to function properly. In contrast, without sleep, one’s cognitive abilities are reduced greatly – depending how long it’s been since continual rest. And when this inability to sleep takes place repeatedly, this can cause for foul moods, bad health, and frustration with one’s inability to relax each night.

To remedy those sleeping problems, however, there are several natural ways to fall asleep each night. Rather than suffering further side effects from medicines, consider these less invasive, less controversial methods to getting good rest on a regular basis.

Take a Bath

Bath person or not, soaking in a hot tub can allow the body to calm down and relax, no matter what the day has thrown it. It's also a great way to get warm and enjoy some much-needed quiet time. For an added bit of calmness, consider bubbles, candles, or body wash scents created to ease the nerves, such as eucalyptus or lavender. Even if you're a morning shower-er, nighttime baths can bring a new level of comfort before bedtime.

Drink a Warm Beverage

Tea, decaf coffee, cider, warm milk – whatever your favorite hot drink, make yourself a cup before bed. Add-ons such as honey or herbal remedies can also enhance the body’s readiness to gain some sleep. Their warm temperatures can even soothe you from the inside out, raising your body temp and lowering frustrations. Just be sure to steer clear from caffeine or beverages that are too large, lest they send you to the restroom mid-sleep.

Get Cozy

The art of relaxation is often vastly overlooked, especially when it's a necessity. An hour or so before bed, consider cozing up in sweats and a warm blanket to ease oneself into the sleeping state of mind. Whether in bed or reading on the couch, it’s a step that can ease the body into a resting routine – especially after a long or stressful day.

Find a “Settle Down” Activity

One of the biggest causes of insomnia is often found to be stress – from work, personal life, or some other outside factor. Rather than relaxing or letting the day’s events take a back seat, folks dwell on a specific event until they can’t fall asleep. Instead of dwelling on these stressful facts, however, look to a favorite and relaxing hobby. This might be reading, watching a movie, listening to music, playing an instrument – anything that allows you to enjoy the status quo and distract your mind.

Have a Massage

Whether you head to the spa or host a quick massage at home, it’s a great way to let tension melt away. Ask your spouse for a shoulder rub or use a home massager to reduce foot pains shortly before your regular bedtime. You could even hire in a professional a night or two a week. While certainly a more expensive option, it’s also been proven to let folks get more sleep … and in quicker fashion.

The next time you have problems falling asleep, remember all the natural options that are available. Rather than stressing over the day's events, consider a proven relaxation method to earn some much-deserved sleep.