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Prep Your Pillow for All Seasons with this New Cover

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As the warmer months draw near, it’s time to reevaluate our everyday routines. The thermostat must be adjusted, clothing upgraded to match the warmer season, cleaning out the house now that the weather has allowed it, and so on. But for the hot sleepers of the world, this also means readying your bedroom for the hot summer months. Because, no matter how low (or rather high) you crank the air, or how many pairs of sweat-wicking pajamas you own, you still manage to wake up warm throughout the night.

While this might be a product of your environment (an AC unit that can’t keep up or a mattress that doesn’t breathe), it might also just be the way you’re built. No matter how cool of a room you’re sleeping in, you still overheat during sleep.

Thanks to Contour Living’s latest release, however, can help solve that problem. The Quilted Mesh Reversible Pillow Cover offers the best of both worlds. Quilted comfort for those who need it (or when you need it), and breathable, cool fabric to help stay cool. Even during the hottest, most humid summer months.

Simply place your favorite pillow inside the cover – or least favorite pillow to give it an upgrade. And enjoy all the comfort features it has to offer, such as extra padding, strong layers of support, and the ability to adjust for any bedroom temperature. Do away with dated, flattened pillows once and for all. With the Quilted Mesh cover, you can quickly and affordably turn any pillow into your new favorite.

The Reversible Cover Also Comes With:

  • A soft, quilted cover that helps induce sleep
  • Material that’s made from 100% cotton – each case comes with 300-thread count for maximum comfort
  • Premium breathability layers to reduce night time sweating or overheating
  • Ability to quickly and easily switch between surface layers to compliment sleeper temperature and environment
  • The satisfaction of shopping with Contour Living, a leading expert in sleep health and comfort products.

Why Use a Cover?

For decades sleepers have found comfort in the addition of a quality pillow cover. They add longevity to even the flimsiest of models, while providing extra layers of padding and support when sleeping. Covers, such as the Quilted Mesh version, even come in various sizes so each person can match the perfect pillow size for their comfort needs. When ordering your reversible cover, choose from standard, queen, and kind, to ensure the best possible fit.

Covers also provide for a clean way to sleep. Keep germs and allergens from boring down into the pillow, while offering a washable outer layer. That way you can remove and launder the case whenever it’s necessary. A quality case can even lessens the need for cover washings, while helping any model blend in to the room’s décor.

Tips to Start Shopping

Are you ready to purchase your next pillow cover? Offering an affordable way to increase bedtime comfort, it’s a proven method that’s been perfected for generations. One that will lengthen the lifespan of your pillows, provide an extra layer of plushness, and create a way to relax with proper head and neck support. As well as offering season appropriate features, such as moisture-wicking breathability in the summer, and added quilted layers for the winter.

For a limited time, shoppers can receive a discount on their very own Quilted Mesh Reversible Cover from Contour Living. While ordering two – one for yourself and one for a loved one – or more will earn you free shipping.

To learn more about the product, or to start shopping today, head to Contour Living’s Quilted Mesh Reversible pillow cover product page. 

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