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New Results Prove you Can Sing your Snoring Away

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Are you a longtime snorer? Or do you just sleep next to one instead? No matter which side of the snoring equation you’re on, it’s less than pleasant to be in a room full of nighttime nasal sounds – whether or not you’re the one providing it. It’s loud, interrupts sleep, and can lead to tension in the relationship. Which is why folks have been looking for a cure for snoring for years. Whether doctor prescribed or natural, some cures have proven to be far more effective than others – and out of all the natural cures that have ever been tested, this one might just be the quirkiest. Surprising nature aside, however, it’s also been shown to be extremely effective.

So what is this little known cure? Singing, of course! With this fan favorite activity, research is showing that it actually strengthens the vocal cords and muscles within the back of the throat. Then, with that added strength, the jaw is able to relax while sleeping (vs. vibrating to cause snoring). The more often one sings, the more likely they are to gain its positive results, with patients noticing a change after only a few weeks of singing.

Singing Toward Better Sleep

In the study, patients took part in a choir so their progress could be monitored. Additionally, they benefitted from regular singing exercises, and a coach who taught them to sing to the fullest extent of their voices. By singing “out,” the vocal chords give a bitter sound and are forced to use more muscle strength in the process. However, it’s likely that regular at-home singing can also provide similar results. And for some (especially those who are stage shy), the latter might actually be preferred.

Singing can also:

  • Strengthen the vocal palate
  • “Tire” vocal chords
  • Work to tone your voice
  • Provide ample muscle strength within the throat
  • Make one more aware of their snoring and where it comes from

Another added benefit, says the patients’ vocal coach, came in the form of self confidence. By learning and improving their singing abilities, and by working as a group, the choir members began to genuinely feel better about themselves. Many cited they were much happier after singing in the choir, even if they hadn’t had any previous singing experience. Though this may do little to reduce snoring, it did have an impact on outside factors, such as encouraging them to exercise or lose weight. Both of which have been proven to reduce snoring almost immediately. And when everything was combined, it led to less snoring and better sleep – along with a happier disposition.

Overall, 10% of the singers’ partners cited less snoring in just a few weeks’ time. A huge improvement considering no medicines were needed, and that symptoms were reduced through an enjoyable hobby.

Is It Time to Start Singing?

If you’re a regular snorer, perhaps. Talk to your doctor about the benefits of exercising and strengthening your vocal muscles. You can also talk with a vocal coach about working the right muscles through your singing practices. (Even if you’re just doing them at home.)

Consider joining a local choir – many don’t require previous skill or music knowledge and are simply offered as a fun hobby. Other options include at-home exercises, like these pointed ones that specifically target throat muscles. This might be especially helpful for those who are self-conscious about their singing voice. Rather than “singing,” however, it can be seen as a way to evolve and treat one’s snoring patterns.

No matter your thoughts on singing, it can be a great way to help reduce snoring. Consider these vocal exercises to help yourself – and your significant other – get some much needed quiet.


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