More Facts About Back Pain

Posted by Lauren Stone on 3rd Jun 2013

Did you know that back pain is the fifth most common reason for hospitalizations and third most common causes of surgery? According to Prevention magazine, 56% of people with lower backaches say symptoms disrupt their daily routines and more back pain suffering patients are sent to doctors over any other condition aside from the common cold.

Pain in the back is not just a result from lifting too heavy at the gym or stretching too far forward while removing dinner from the oven; back pains are now primarily caused from our everyday habits and movements versus anything else. Prevention Magazine compiled a list of 5 of the worst habits for the poor old back; most very recognizable but some may actually be rather surprising:

  • The office work space – sitting at the desk in a poorly designed chair, hunched over and glaring into a tiny computer screen for 8 hours a day does not sound like a health “benefit.” In fact, sitting places 40% more pressure on the spine than standing! Stress and tension are easily formed in this position and only add to the exacerbation of a sore back.
  • The commute in the car – Stress and tight muscle tension go hand-in-hand during a car ride. It’s very easy to slouch over the steering wheel and tighten the neck when someone swerves rudely in front of you. Your chest and shoulders actually take on a hunched, rounded look to them which is not favorable for back health.
  • Lack of exercise – lack of movement means lack of flexibility. The spine is able to move loosely from the synovial fluid that lubricates the lumbar. However, the fluid is not as effective if the body is not moving in a regular, healthy manner. Not to mention all of the other health benefits that are associated with working out, proper blood flow and flexibility are certainly top on the list.