Mattress Genie Provides Affordable Alternative to Adjustable Beds

Posted by Contour Living on 31st May 2013

Product Allows Any Bed to Assume Multiple Head-Elevation Positions

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, (April 2005) – Contour Living™, a leader in the ergonomic support and comfort industry, released to the market today its newest comfort innovation, the Mattress Genie®. Featured on The Today Show and identified by Good Morning America as one of the more innovative items presented at the 2005 Chicago International Housewares Show, the Mattress Genie offers consumers adjustable bed comfort without the typically expensive adjustable bed price.

“Consumers wanting the elevated support of a mechanical adjustable bed can’t always justify, or even afford, the average $2,000 one can cost,” Scott Davis, president and founder of Contour Living, said.“The Mattress Genie provides a much less expensive solution for addressing the same health and comfort needs that a mechanical bed is designed to do.”

The Mattress Genie is priced at less than $200 and works with any mattress and bedding.The product rests under the head of a mattress, attached to a powerful electric pump that can fully inflate the Genie’s air chamber in less than two minutes.The pump operates via a remote control that regulates the amount of air in the chamber to replicate the multiple elevated positions of a traditional mechanical bed.For further convenience, remote control illuminates for nighttime use.

A key difference between the Mattress Genie and a traditional mechanical bed is that the Genie weighs less than 10 pounds, making it portable and ideal for travel. Although the product is lightweight, its lifting capacity is not.The Mattress Genie can lift up to 1,000 pounds, more than many high-priced mechanical adjustable beds.An additional advantage to the Mattress Genie is that there are no moving parts to break down, so the chances of the item breaking are minimal.

The health benefits of head elevation while sleeping are well documented. Head elevation can help control symptoms for people who suffer from gastrointestinal disorders such as acid reflux, hietal hernia and indigestion, as well as minimize snoring.Beyond its health benefits, the Mattress Genie also provides comfort and convenience for anyone who reads, works or watches television in bed.

“Until now, millions of consumers who truly needed head elevation were faced with the daunting notion of purchasing an expensive adjustable bed to help control their symptoms, since propping pillows is an often ineffective method of head elevation,” Davis said.“Contour Living is very pleased to offer adjustable bed comfort without the adjustable bed price.”

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