Kick-start your CPAP Therapy with a CPAP Pillow

Posted by Bethaney Wallace on 22nd Aug 2013

kickstart-cpap.pngWhen it comes to CPAP treatment, there are a number of styles or options that can be taken on. From the type of facemask to time of day in which it’s used, CPAP equipment comes in many forms. Because there are so many causes for symptoms, there are just as many ways to treat them. Though CPAP is a recurring player, that’s not to say each of its tools are poured from the same mold.

As we discussed in an earlier blog, causes and doctor recommendations can greatly work to improve one’s sleeping or breathing issues when suffering from airway obstruction disorders.

To get the most out of your CPAP, however, treatment can be greatly improved with the help of a CPAP pillow. Users have also found these pillows much more comfortable than their general models, as they’re specially molded to cradle masks, tubing, and other equipment. All in a comfortable manner so you can get a good night’s sleep. After all, what’s worse than finally getting the treatment you need, but finding it’s so uncomfortable it keeps you from getting rest?

How CPAP Pillows Work

While different models are certainly available, generally CPAP pillows are made to specifically fit one’s sleeping equipment. This can mean cut out sides in order to make room for tubing or the mask itself, or special groves so there’s no added pressure put onto the mask. Patients can chose a model that will best fit their sleeping needs, as most allow for sleeping on either side, or in multiple positions. This flexibility allows for maximum comfort.

Various designs also work to remove heat, so the sleeper won’t become hot or sweaty under their breathing mask.

Specialized CPAP pillows can also:

  • Offer removable layers to adjust height, width, or softness
  • Greatly increase comfort levels, while allowing for a customized sleeping experience
  • Come in travel sizes for easy sleeping on the road
  • Offer warranties so patients can enjoy a quality pillow with some peace of mind
  • Provide extra neck support to the patient wearing added medical materials
  • Mold to the patient to create a one-of-a-kind fit
  • Offer hose anchors and attachments so there’s less friction on one’s equipment while sleeping

These types of pillows are also designed to be ergonomically sound. Not only do they better support one’s CPAP equipment, the pillows work to align one’s head and airways for an easier, more efficient breathing flow. By supporting the face and the back of the head uniquely, a better set up can be had – therefore increasing breathing efficiency.

This type of pillow certainly isn’t required for CPAP therapy, but it does work with one’s equipment to make it more efficient. Simply by choosing the correct pillow, patients can enjoy added benefits to their breathing treatments – and all while being as comfortable as possible.

While different pillows provide different features, it’s important for the user to evaluate what each model can provide so their most important needs are met. For instance, children may want a smaller model, while those who are hot sleepers will want a cooling model to wick away moisture and heat throughout the night.

No matter the type of sleeping condition one suffers from, CPAP therapy and its accompanied pillows can offer easy, proven relief by providing a constant flow of air. Rather than waking through the night, sleepers can breathe easy and receive steady, uninterrupted rest.

Talk to your doctor to learn more about CPAP pillows and how they can help. Or, if you’re ready to order, head to Contour’s CPAPmax Pillow page for a detailed list about what our pillows have to offer.