Improve Dry-Mouth Sleeping Patterns with a Humidifier

Posted by Bethaney Wallace on 22nd Jan 2014

facebook-image-alarmclock.pngThis time of year, it’s common to wake up with a dry mouth or scratchy throat. Additionally, we can suffer from dry skin, and enough static to start a small campfire, should the energy be correctly harnessed. After months of a continual dry/static-y environment, the body begins to show a serious lack of moisture. We might be thirsty, coughing more than usual, or soaking in as much lotion as we have time to apply. And while all of the above are proven cold-weather defenses, there’s another, easier way to fight the lack of moisture. With a humidifier.

Working by continually pumping moisture back into the air – or whenever it’s plugged in – a humidifier is a simple fix to dry, winter conditions. Made to be subtle as a rule, these humidifier machines come in all shapes and sizes, and create a noticeable difference in just a few hours’ time. And when used on a regular basis, they’re proven to reduce dry throat/mouth side effects, and help eliminate static electricity throughout one’s home.

A steady stream of airborne moisture can also reduce one’s chance at catching a cold or developing a scratchy throat, while improving sleeping and/or resting patterns. With such a simple fix, everyone should ensure ample winter moisture for their comfort and health.

A Humidifier With a Dual Purpose

To help you fight the winter weather blues, Contour Living has added a new type of humidifier to its repertoire. One that provides constant air moisture with the ability to tell time. Known as the Mist O’Clock, this brand new product is small, compact, and great for the frequent traveler. Simply pack it up for cold-fighting power wherever you may go. With the added bonus of a digital clock/alarm clock. No more oversleeping while on the road; the Mist O’Clock brings punctuality and peace of mind to the frequent and irregular traveler alike.

The clock/humidifier duo also comes with nature sound options – choose from six to soothe yourself into sleep. (An especially helpful option when staying in a loud hotel.) Subtle light features can accompany sounds, or opt to sleep in the pitch dark. No matter your preferences, the Mist O’Clock can be customized to meet your sleeping and air moisture needs. You can even power it through your computer, via USB port, when on the go. Between its sounds, lights, and humidifying abilities, it’s one function-packed product that can make your days flow much more smoothly.

Find out more about the Mist O’Clock here. (

Creating a Humidifying Pattern

In general, it’s good to test out your new humidifier and see how many hours it takes to “moisten” the air. Each box should come with a set of instructions, including recommended running hours. Try the suggested time slots, or experiment for smaller or larger houses. Humidifiers are safe to run throughout the day (check your box/model for more information), though many people prefer to run theirs only while they’re at home. No matter your preferred schedule, take note of various factors, such as static cling, how thirsty you are throughout the day, nosebleeds, dry skin, etc. You can even use humidifier features to help keep tabs. For instance, the Mist O’Clock has a room temperature gauge; use this to compare room temps with each level of dry/moist air.

Obviously other issues can play a part here, but over time, a pattern will begin to take place. The more moisture in the air, the lower the side effects. It’s simply a matter of finding out how often and when to run your machine each day.

Throughout the winter months, a humidifier is a great way to help fight uncomfortable side effects. Consider stocking up on one today for instant relief against dry, scratchy weather.