Give the Perfect At-Home Massage with the Backarc!

Give the Perfect At-Home Massage with the Backarc!

Posted by Bethaney Wallace on 3rd Jun 2014

How often have you been in the need of a back massage? Whether short and gentle or deep and working down into the lowest parts of your muscles, your body could have used a once-over. And out of these times, chances are very few of them actually resulted in a massage. You might have booked yourself an appointment at the local salon, or even asked your significant other to help out. But more often than not, you went on with your day, sans back rub.

But what if you could have a professional-grade massage any time you wanted? At home and without the help of anyone else? With Contour Living’s new product, the Backarc Back Massager, you can do just that. For as often or as lengthy as your back muscles prefer. You can even press your weight into the device for a more thorough relaxing session, based on how your muscles are feeling each day. (Which is perfect for those with deep knots or who can’t ever seem to get enough pressure from a masseuse.)

How the Backarc Massager Works

The Backarc Back Massager is a wall-mounted device that sits at whatever height you feel most comfortable. (Comes complete with easy-mount hardware for DIY installation.) Choose from a sitting or standing height, and then place your Backarc device wherever it feels most comfortable for repeat use. Then, whenever your back begins to ache or you’re in need of some relaxation time, head to your massager for a quick (or long) session to loosen up any tense muscles.

Because of the smart design, the Backarc is made to press and “work” specific muscles, especially when they are most sore. Its contour shape allows the product to reach each section of the back without sitting as too boxy or stiff. (Which is one of the biggest complaints among other static devices, while an in-person massage means customized detail that’s uninterrupted by curves or back shapes.) Each patient can also “press” their own weight into the device to get as much or as little pressure as they see fit. That way, not only is every section reachable, it can receive plenty of attention, whether that be a little or a lot.

Whatever your back massage preferences, this unique massage device can be customized to meet your specific back-related needs.

Additional Features

Aside from its professional-based design, the Backarc comes with a number of features, such as wall-mount abilities, top-notch quality wheels, and a contour shape that was designed to specifically reach all sections of the back. Additionally, each wheel is specifically designed to provide a variety of pressure points. This way, deeper muscles can receive more treatment, while areas that might be more sensitive to pain (the mid-back next to the spine and the neck) receive softer pressure. This best-of-both-worlds design creates a unique user experience that, until now, has only been able to be recreated by the human touch.

However, with the Backarc, all of these benefits that can be had with a single purchase. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on professional massages, you can get the same results right in your very own home. Whenever you need it, and as often as your schedule will allow. No more booking appointments, and no more driving to a salon location. It saves you time and money in the process.

To get started on your very own Backarc Back Massager treatments today, head over to Contour Living and start shopping. For a limited time, this product comes with an introduction sale and free shipping! Click here to get started.