Everyday Habits That Contribute to Better Back Health

Everyday Habits That Contribute to Better Back Health

Posted by Bethaney Wallace on 2nd Jul 2014

Daily routines – whether we realize it or not – have a great deal of influence on our bodies. Sitting in a chair for too long, running without stretching, or any other number of habits can directly affect how our body feels at the end of the day. Or, in many cases, how it feels at the beginning of the next day. While good habits will lead to good back health, poor habits can lead to even worse back health. Which is why it’s oh so important to be aware of how each posture or movement might lead to negative repercussions later on. For instance, lifting at the waist rather than with the legs, or bending over too frequently. Even sitting on a couch that sags or sinks in the middle. All of these practices – even though they might not hurt or cause pains at the time – can lead toward pain or more serious injuries down the line.

Whenever possible, try to be as aware of your body’s set up as you can. Simply being aware can help you put an end to these bad habits. Sit up straight, stretch the back, and take in plenty of healthy fluids. Depending on your daily diet, it might be a good idea to incorporate extra protein into your meals as well, which can help rebuild muscle.

Furniture Condition

Before sitting or sleeping for hours on end, ensure that your furniture offers enough support. Check for cushion and spring integrity, as well as any possible damage. You’ll be perched on these surfaces daily, so any imperfection can lead to serious pains or deterioration down the line. Newer models, or those that were made to withstand daily use, however, will allow the body to adjust itself and account for weight placement, muscle movement, and more.

Shoes and Clothing Choice

Did you know that proper shoes can support the whole body? In contrast, those with inferior qualities can cause the spine and muscles to fall out of alignment. Which only increases with each step we take. The same goes for clothing that is too tight, which can cut off circulation and decrease oxygen movement. However, proper shoes and clothes that fit correctly, but not too snugly, will provide better daily health practices.


Even when you haven’t worked out on any given day, it can be a good idea to stretch the muscles. Simple and a quick practice, it’s one that helps get the blood flowing while working muscles in a gentle manner. This type of movement can also better prep them for any sudden or jarring movements that could lead to an injury. Set up a daily (or every other day) routine to stretch different sections of the body. Over time you’ll become more flexible and find ample additional benefits.


Taking in the proper amounts of vitamins and minerals can allow your body to perform better functions all on its own. Try to eat healthier on a daily basis to help give your body its best shot. Vitamins and supplements can also be a good addition for ensuring the right amount of nutrients are ingested on a daily basis. Also be sure and drink multiple glasses of water each day to promote digestion and proper muscle hydration. Healthy flavors can also be added for those who dislike the taste of plain water.

Though these daily instances might seem like common sense, they’re also parts of a routine that are often overlooked. Instead, make a conscious effort to follow the above for a healthy way to promote your body’s back health each and every day.