Cooling Pajamas Are Ideal for Hot Sleepers

Posted by Bethaney Wallace on 31st Aug 2013

During the summer, it can be especially hard to keep cool during the night. Even though the outdoor temperatures drop, houses still retain heat and humidity from the warmest portions of the day. That means air conditioners are still working to pump in cool, dry air for most of the night – while you are sleeping. It’s just too hot, too humid, and too difficult to regulate. These warm conditions often make it difficult to get proper rest, or to stay cool overnight.

With a fancy set of pajamas, however, those that are made specifically for hot or summer sleeping, it can be much easier to achieve a comfortable temp. With the help of “cooling” PJs, sleepers can remove body heat by simply changing their clothes. Simply change into cooling pajamas before bed, and enjoy the benefits of materials that can pull and absorb heat.

These new duds work by wicking away moisture, then quickly drying themselves so the sleeper isn’t left to soak in wet clothes. Similar to workout materials (which can also be worn, so long as they are comfortable), cooling pajamas are ideal for lowering one’s body temperature quickly and effectively. That way the sleeper doesn’t overheat or sweat overnight. Other forms of cool PJs host material that is able to stay chillier than room temperatures. These versions literally cool the body, even when covered with blankets.

Those that prefer staying under the covers can get a good night’s rest without overheating. Cooling PJs are also more efficient than summer-wear, such as tank tops or shorts; even though there is more material (depending on the style), the PJs are able to retain excess body warmth. And all while you’re sleeping.

Who knew PJs could be so efficient?

Why Are Bedrooms so Warm?

Depending on the age of the AC unit, placement of the bedroom, and other factors, rooms can stay quite hot – even through the coldest portions of the day. In summer, there is just too much heat for houses to stay properly cooled 24 hours a day. Additionally, older homes may have inefficient insulation, while upstairs bedrooms will retain rising heat. Large windows can also let in a great deal of heat throughout the day, while east or west-facing rooms can take in the biggest amount of heat rays. Add in one or more of these factors, and it creates a less than comfortable sleeping situation.

It’s also important to remember that some people are naturally warmer than others. Known as being “hot blooded,” these folks just run at warmer temperatures, which could be caused by any number of reasons. But even those with “normal” body temperatures can get hot throughout the night. Even though the body is resting and not using any physical strength or blood movement, it’s still working hard. Digestion is taking place, breathing, sleep cycles, etc. – all of which can raise the body’s overall temperature.

Heated Sleeping

It’s hard to get comfortable when hot, especially for sleeping conditions. In order to cool down the body will:

  • Perspire
  • Toss and turn for a chillier laying position
  • Wake suddenly
  • Become dehydrated
  • Become un-rested, especially after multiple nights of too-hot sleeping conditions

Just by changing one’s clothes, however, these hot sleeping side effects can be avoided. Warm sleeper or not, no one likes to be uncomfortable while they are in relaxation mode. And with expensive energy bills or inefficient AC units, cooling PJs can offer a cost-effective alternative. While you may want to stock up on more than one pair, it’s still cheaper than a new air conditioner, insulation, or months of high electricity use.

To get the most out of your sleeping experience, consider wearing cooling pajamas throughout the summer months. They’re an easy and efficient way to cool down for a good night’s rest.