Can you Hypnotize your Way to Better Sleep?

Posted by Contour Living on 9th Sep 2013

When most think of hypnosis, they think of a stage magician with a pocket watch and a spinning wheel. The magician asks for a volunteer, uses the black and white board to hypnotize that person, and then gets them to do something out of the ordinary, such as fall asleep at the snap of a finger. The volunteer then wakes just as quickly, none the wiser as to what’s taken place.

And while that may be the flashier version of this practice, there are also several other techniques that allow you to improve everyday functions. Such as sleep.

By hypnotizing yourself, one can easily fall into better, deeper sleeps each night. Resulting in more rest, a cheerier disposition, and more awareness throughout the day.

How to Hypnotize Yourself

While this may sound like a difficult task, according to several doctors, hypnotizing oneself is as simple as using the inner voice you already have. That voice, which is often considered as a form of thought or self-awareness, has far more functions than just portraying ideas throughout the day. By locating and training that voice to discuss sleep and sooth yourself into getting better sleep, the inner voice is its own hypnotization tool.

Many say the perks are practically endless. Not only do you gain unlimited nights of restful sleep, you’re able to do so without any side effects. There are no medicines to make you dreary or on-edge, and no risk of sleep walking or sleeping through important events. (That is, unless those symptoms were pre-existing.) There are also no expensive bills – either from a sleep specialist, a pharmacy, or a professional hypnotist. Instead, you’re able to create all the pros from self-awareness and a regular regimen.

The process is even easy to follow. The doctors who researched the subject most show you how to do it in this easy-to-follow video.

Check it out on Dr. Oz’s website, where he also addresses follow up questions and comments.

Self hypnotization also has multiple perks

  • It’s cost effective
  • It can be done in your own home (or while traveling)
  • You’ll receive better sleep (and more often)
  • It’s healthier than taking sleep assistance medications
  • After learning the procedure, self hypnotization can be done anywhere and everywhere

There are even forms of self-hypnotization that help other aspects as well, such as “uncomfortable feelings,” emotions, and eating habits. Taking place in a similar format, one focuses on the issue at hand rather than trying to fall asleep in a timely manner.

Easy Alternatives to Self Hypnosis

However, for those who feel uncomfortable in “tricking” themselves into a better night’s sleep, there are also other tactics. Professionals can train you into creating an ongoing routine – here the logistics are quite similar but it’s an outside source actually setting up the triggers. This is certainly a more expensive option, but one that many choose rather than performing the hypnosis on themselves.

Others say simple changes such as diet, exercise, or sleeping habits can result in more result nights all on their own. Just by living a healthier lifestyle and pinpointing what it is that keeps you up at night, you can easily fall back into a more sleep-friendly routine.

But whether or not you buy into the whole “hypnotization provides for a better night’s sleep,” there’s plenty out there singing its praises. From those who have issues resting on a nightly basis, to those who may just need a little extra help every now and then, consider this natural, DIY treatment to earn yourself a better night’s sleep.

Ready to learn more about self hypnotization, check out the video above.