BackMax Helps Recovery from Surgery

Posted by Contour Living on 7th Oct 2013

The BackMax incorporates 3 wedge cushions which can be used together, separately, or in any combination. Use it for total body support or support of any body part like back, legs or feet. Many customers purchase the Back Max for proper positioning during recovery after surgeries and bodily injuries. The Back Max comes in standard or deluxe versions. The deluxe version adds massage to the two main body cushions plus includes a deluxe fleece cover and custom memory foam pillow.

Here are actual user reviews provided by customers who have purchased the Back Max cushions for recovery from surgeries:

You will not go wrong buying this Product. I bought it due to Mastectomy Surgery and needed to sleep in the Inclined Possition, And could not be more Pleased with the comfort. I highly recommend this Product. It has also helped my acid Refux issues. It will be well worth your money. Enjoy! Patricia January, 2009

I am on day 7 of having a full tummy tuck, liposuction and breast lift. At first I was worried about how this system would do in our bed since we have a pretty high bed. I had nothing to worry about. I could not have gotten through without this and recommend it to anyone getting ready to undergo a tummy tuck. It kept me elevated perfectly and I even found that the cover kept me toasty warm since the medicines I was taking for pain kept me colder than normal. It was very easy to roll to the side to get out of bed the way the doctors recommend. The only issues I had were that I liked to tuck pillows on both sides of it for arm rests. That was no problem though. It does come unzipped rather easily and I didn't love that fact but all in all I'd buy it again in a heartbeat and love whoever created this. Thank you for making my healing process easier! J Newfield February, 2009

This has allowed me to sleep relatively comfortably in a semi-upright position after shoulder surgery, when I have to wear a sling all the time. I found the addition of a small neck pillow helpful for neck comfort. Jane March, 2009

I had wondered about the width of the cushions, but as I'm rather small, they seem just fine. A larger person might need something wider. If the system is on a bed, you can dispense with the zipping and position the back and leg cushions at whatever distance is most comfortable

This Backmax is spectacular! I have a physical condition that makes it much more comfortable to sleep on my back. Before having this I could never stay on my back for more than a half an hour. Since getting it I have always spent the whole night on my back in complete comfort. A couple of tips: 1) large safety pins work well to keep the zippered sections from coming apart, 2) an hour glass shaped neck pillow has been a good addition. Anonymous Customer April, 2009

I just had knee surgery and have slept on this for 3 nights very well. To make it work - I need a memory foam back pillow (sleeping on my back would normally cause me lower back pain). Neck support is a problem. I tried different pillows the first night, with no luck. What works is a memory foam travel neck pillow. When watching t.v., I just rest my head and neck on it.

When I am ready to sleep, I go ahead and wrap it around my neck, so my head is supported no matter what I do when I am asleep. The best part is that with pillows under my surgery knee, it's elevated straight out (the way my Dr. wants it - for the best, quickest recovery). You do need to use pillows on either side for arm rests. I am so glad I have this! Anne May, 2009

This is reviewed several times at and is very useful for recovering from tummy tuck surgery. Lot's of girls have bought it and absolutely raved about it. Had to try it myself! Sherry June, 2007

I have had my BackMax for over a year and I absolutely love it. I use it every day. It fits perfectly on my couch. I work from home as a writer and I am able to work on my laptop (I have it on an AirDesk) while I recline with leg and calf support. (position 4) - I have had 2 major spinal surgeries and this is the most comfortable position for me when I am writing, watching TV, etc - it takes the pressure of my spine and tailbone, and helps to relieve sciatic pain. I love it - The covers come off and wash nicely in the washer and dryer. I highly recommend this product!! MaryAnn H. Pittsburgh, PA October, 2006

Buy The Back Max in Standard or new Deluxe wider width.