Allergy Free Pillow Cover

Posted by Contour Living on 10th Sep 2013



Sorry, this item is no longer available

The Allergy Free pillow case is made specifically for allergy suffers. This pillow protector is soft, breathable and effectively and efficiently filters out dust mites and their by-products. A must need for a great nights sleep.

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Manufactured with Pristine Certified Allergen-Barrier Fabric! Specifically designed for allergy sufferers, this allergy-free pillow protector is soft, breathable and effectively filters out dust mites and their allergy causing by-products. This fabric has an antimicrobial finish which controls growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew. Zippered end provides complete coverage. Allergen-barrier bedding is recommended by physicians and allergists as an aid to allergy treatment and asthma management.

Pristine Certified Allergen-Barrier Fabric is tightly-woven fabric specifically finished to provide the unique barrier properties of laminate without the added stiffness, weight or cost. It filters out dust, lint, dust mites and allergy-causing particles, yet retains air porosity. Provides antimicrobial protection using EPA registered antimicrobial technology. Effectively controls micro-organisms commonly associated with health products. Plus, the anti-microbial protection lasts for the lifetime of the pillow case!

  • Made with Pristine Certified Allergen-Barrier Fabric - Soft, cool and quiet micro-woven fabric
  • Antimicrobial fabric finish effectively controls growth of odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew.
  • Filters out dust mites and their allergy causing by-products
  • Cover is breathable, with no uncomfortable coatings to crack or flake off.
  • Zippered and machine washable
  • Standard size - fits pillows up to 21" x 27"