7 Halloween Costumes that Incorporate your CPAP Mask

Posted by Bethaney Wallace on 7th Oct 2013

Who says CPAP machines have to be something to hide away at night? This Halloween, don’t discriminate from the machines that provides so many restful evenings, instead, celebrate them with an interpretive costume! To help get your creative juices flowing, we’ve come up with a list of seven CPAP-worthy costume ideas. So get out your machine (and your craft box) and get started on one of the best Halloween costumes of all time. 


This classic DC Comics character not only offers a colorful spread, but a canvas for breathing masks galore. It may be controversial as to whether or not his mask was used in all representatons, but as the human version of this growing legend, no one will blame you for putting safety first. (That is ensuring you can in fact breathe under water.)

Mask up and swim your way to candy heaven in your Aquaman CPAP costume.

An Anteater

Whether you choose to be the lovable cartoon version of Arthur or want to create your own brand of anteater, a CPAP mask provides the perfect starter set. Just point your tube to the ground and you’ll be on your way to eating ants on a pro level. And if you want to get really technical, bring along some raisins for “ant” snacks.

This costume is sure to have animal lovers of all kinds singing your praises.

An Escaped Surgical Patient

Pair your CPAP mask with a few bandages and a hospital gown and you’re a post-prepped surgical patient just waiting to go under the knife. Get a friend to dress up as your doctor, or fly solo for an original costume that will have friends laughing all night. Better yet, it’s a great excuse for a nap – just blame the anesthesia.

SCUBA Steve (or a generic SCUBA diver)

Everyone who ever saw Big Daddy was a huge fan of SCUBA Steve and his swimming abilities. Use your CPAP mask to recreate this hero action figure, or opt for a generic deep-sea diver. No matter the context, this is a great costume idea that will allow you to use your mask and your imagination for an entire night of fun.

Bonus points for SCUBA Steve and SCUBA Sam pairings.

Bonus points for SCUBA Steve and SCUBA Sam pairings.

Ready to take on the role of Luke’s father for the night? How about the most powerful Sith lord yet? With a black CPAP mask (it could easily be covered), you’re a helmet and a black robe away from becoming Darth Vader himself. Best of all, the machine even provides his iconic breathing sounds.

Consider a walk on the dark side with this epic costume.

Rodney Ruxin from The League

A Fighter Pilot

Perhaps the most exciting CPAP mask-based costume is dressing as a fighter pilot. Choose any movie favorite, for instance Tom Cruise, or opt for your own version of the plane-flying hero. All that’s needed is a jumpsuit and a mask made for door-to-door travel.

Get your flight log ready with this costume, as it’s sure to blow the competition away.

With a CPAP mask and an inventive Halloween costume, it’s easy to get excited for the upcoming holiday. With these one-of-a-kind ideas, you’re sure to bring in the laughs while having a great time in your sleep-saving mask.

Have you dressed up with your CPAP equipment before? We want to hear about it!