6 Foods you Should Never Eat – and Why

Posted by Bethaney Wallace on 30th Apr 2014

Now that’s it’s February – a full two months into 2014 – it’s likely that resolutions are a thing of the past. While some stick to these long-term goals, for many they’re nothing but a former promise they once made. A potential new start. But now that the new-ness has worn off, making healthy food choices isn’t rewarding, it’s tedious.

But did you know those unhealthy choices can actually create larger issues down the line?

We’re constantly sharing how a proper lifestyle can reduce the effects of virtually any ailment and it’s no secret as to why: a healthy life means a healthy (or healthier) body. Natural foods are packed full of the vitamins and nutrients our bodies need to help cure itself. That means pains can be reduced, digestion issues dissolved, and muscles strengthened and rebuilt. Even long-term sufferers can gain some level of relief by making a conscious effort with their diet.

And when we’re aware of these needs, we can help ourselves greatly. Just by the meals that we eat. But when we ignore nutritional values and eat what we crave or just what tastes good, those health factors can actually be reversed.

Stay Away from Eating These Foods

From overly salty to fattening sweets, these foods will send your health food craze sharply in the opposite direction.

6. Frosting

Though at-home versions offer a slightly healthier alternative, buying frosting from the store means a can full of sugars and trans fats. (One of the only items to still include trans fats since the war against them has begun.) They can raise one’s bad cholesterol, lower good cholesterol, cause weight gain, and lead to more serious issues, such as heart disease or diabetes. To keep your waistline and health in check, avoid these pre-packaged frostings at all costs.

5. Processed Baked Goods

From mini muffins to donuts, these delicious items are far more trouble than they’re worth. Not only are they packed full – very full – of calories, they come with a massive amount of sugars and are hard for the body to digest. This can lead to stomach cramps and bloating – from the in and outside. Stick to healthier baked goods to get your fix without slowing down digestion.

4. Soda

Though it’s a crowd favorite, soda pop is likely one of the worst substances you will consume all day. Drinking a single can almost doubles your recommended daily sugar dosage all by itself. Those who host a regular soda diet will see weight gain, a high risk of diabetes, and a growing addiction toward the sugary substance.

3. Stick Margarine

If your Grandma tells you that margarine “isn’t the real thing,” you should listen. While butter may be just as fattening as margarine, it’s real dairy and fats, not trans fats or artificial flavorings. Consuming too much of these fake substances can raise cholesterol, cause weight gain, and clog up the arteries. Look out for baked items that host the substance as well and opt for homemade or organic choices instead.

2. Canned Tomato Sauce

Though it may not taste sweet, these sauces are packed full of hidden sugars. Check labels or make your own to avoid potential health concerns from consuming all those hidden sweets and fats.

1. Soy Sauce

Perhaps one of the best hidden dangers in foods is that of salt. And virtually no other sauce has more of it than soy sauce. Consuming too much of the flavorful concoction can deplete the body of specific health factors while packing on the sodium. If it’s a must, consider low-sodium options instead, but remember they too are packed full of salt.

Whether or not it was a yearly goal to eat healthier, a diet upgrade can work to greatly reduce health ailments. Be sure to stay away from these danger foods to eliminate food-induced triggers before they have a chance to take shape.