3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

Posted by Bethaney Wallace on 3rd Jun 2014

Throughout its lifespan, the human body is capable of many things. Things that, for the most part, we don’t realize are so amazing until they no longer take place. Because, as the body ages, the things it was once capable of become far more challenging. Previously, waking up happened quickly and without pain. Muscles stretch and repaired themselves without extreme pain or tearing. Foods were eaten without fear of digestion issues or sudden weight gain. And so on. Our younger selves simply didn’t know what we had when we had it. But as we continue to age, all of the above suddenly become noticeable, as do steps to try and decrease their effects.

But when exercise (or as much exercise), isn’t a daily norm, it can be hard to adjust or daily schedules to meet those drops in bodily function. Especially when muscles become more sore, more easily, bodies get more tired, and there are more responsibilities to be taken care of any given day.

However, with metabolisms slowing down and bodies that become harder to keep in shape, there is a common trend that begins to take place: the older we get, the harder it is to keep off those unwanted pounds. We just simply can’t keep up with the same eating and exercise habits that kept us in shape during years past.

The stakes are changing, and in order to keep up with them, certain adjustments must be had.

How to Jumpstart Your Digestive Health

In order to give your metabolism a boost, there are a number of simple, at-home tactics to explore. From eating better to getting in some much needed cardio exercise to increase blood flow, these tricks will allow you to boost your digestive health with minimal interaction (and effort). That means you still get all the perks, but without lengthy gym sessions or avoiding your favorite foods.

To increase your metabolism every day:

Eat Spicy Foods

Did you know that the hot oils in peppers can cause your digestive track to work more quickly? These spicy chemicals offer a real “kick” to the inside of the body – as much as they do to the tongue. And including them in weekly, or daily meals (however often you feel comfortable consuming spicy foods), can create an intense boost of fat-burning power.

Look to hot sauces, peppers, spices, and more to not only jazz up your cooking, but to provide some outside health benefits as well.

Drink Plenty of Water

Staying well hydrated comes with an almost unlimited amount of perks. One of the biggest, however, is that of a well-functioning digestive system. Ingesting plenty of water will allow the body to flush out toxins, while better processing the vitamins and nutrients you need most. Talk to your doctor about going on a daily water regimen, or simply start drinking more to see how it might affect your body’s ability to process foods. Especially unhealthy ones.

Not only will you notice an improvement on your metabolism, your skin, organs, and energy level should perk up as well.

Eat an Early Dinner

While you don’t have to start looking for early bird specials, scheduling dinner at least two hours before bed will allow you to process much of the food before laying down for the night. This will increase digestion efficiency, and leave you wanting less food in the morning (going to bed full will cause you to wake up very hungry). Sleeping too soon, however, can make it harder for the body to digest and will slow down the process tremendously.

To make the most out of your body’s changing metabolism system, remember these simple tricks to help improve your metabolism’s efficiency.