10 Contour Living Gifts That Will Fit Inside a Stocking

Posted by Bethaney Wallace on 10th Dec 2013

When it comes to holiday shopping, it can be easy to forget about the little items. The batteries needed to run that new remote control car, a knife to open up taped packages, or any other last-minute item that just seems to fall below the radar. For some, this can include smaller gifts to help fill each family member’s stocking. Whether you’re a lover of fitting gifts into oversized socks or just need a few little items to round out the gift giving, try these perfectly-sized items to help round out your hall.

From add on gifts or items that stand on their own, they’re sure to put a smile on any receiver’s face.

10. CPAP Moisture Therapy

This petroleum-free lotion helps keep CPAP users’ skin moisturized and free from rubbing or chafing. CPAP Moisture Therapy is safe for facial use, as well as other areas where the machine may come in contact, such as the neck or shoulders. Stock up on this stocking stuffer for the CPAP user(s) in your life.

9. Hot & Kold Gel Compress

Offering heat for sore areas and coolness when swelling occurs, the Hot & Kold Gel Compress is an all-in-one healing pad. Pick one up for athletes or those who are prone to repeat muscle injuries.

8. Inflatable Back Cushion

Perfect for the person on-the-go, this cushion inflates for cushion when you need it, and collapses for space when you don’t. The Inflatable Cushion even comes with a hand pump for easy filling, no matter your location. Stock up for frequent travelers, or those who need a little extra back support without the bulk.

7. Allersoft Cotton Mattress Cover

Coming in all sizes, this mattress cover keeps out allergens, bed bugs, and anything else trying to make its way into a mattress. Give the Allersoft Cotton Mattress Cover to all on your list suffering from allergies or skin irritations.

6. Acupressure Nodes

As colorful as they are helpful, these Acupressure Nodes work to target pressure points in those of all ailments. Great for an acupuncturist or anyone who has a home Comfortrak bed on the EP-60 Teeter Inversion table line.

5. CPAP Mask Wipes

Great for all CPAP models, these wipes help clean and disinfect machines after nightly use. All natural and citrus scented, CPAP wearers can use these Mask Wipes on a daily basis, or when their equipment needs a quick freshening up.

4. Pregnancy Support Belt

For the expecting mothers on your shopping list, consider the Maternity Support Belt. Ideal for late-term pregnancies, the belt offers back and stomach support while helping to reduce pressure and strains. It even adjusts with the baby for a perfect fit during each growth period.

3. Predator Pain Relief Cream

This cooling therapy works instantly to relax muscles and provide needed relief. Simply rub the Predator Pain Relief Cream on to targeted area, or even use a heating pad for a more intense therapy relief.

2. PolarMat Cooling Pad

Great for hot sleepers, the PolarMat Cooling Pad works by absorbing body heat. Place it in a pillowcase, under the sheet, or on the couch during hot flashes or warm weather. Choose from three sizes to best fit your favorite warm-blooded giftee.

1. Hand ComfortKit for Paraffin Bath

The Hand ComfortKit is ideal for smoothing skin and providing hand and wrist treatment. It’s the perfect for any Therabath owner or anyone looking for some added skin relief this winter.

From CPAP lotions to belts to support a growing pregnancy belly, there are plenty of Contour Living products to fit inside your loved ones’ stockings. Follow this guide for a foolproof map of helpful, yet exciting stocking gifts for the holiday season.