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BackMax Body Wedge Cushion Set, Wide

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Wider Wedge for Better Support!

BackMax Body Wedge Cushion Set, Wide

Buy Now and get a FREE Pillow, Plus FREE SHIPPING! Our 3-part wedge body support system can be arranged in multiple configurations to elevate specific areas or for total body support.Choose Standard BackMax® or upgrade to our new Wider Deluxe Version.

Also available in Standard Width, for more sizing options click here.

MSRP: $349.99 (You save $100.04)

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Brand New - We now have a Deluxe, Extra Wide version of our BackMax® Wedge Set!


Enjoy total body comfort and support in 8 different ways! This 3-part multifunctional wedge system provides complete back and body support! Arrange the ergonomically designed cushions in multiple configurations to suit your individual support needs. You can even recreate the zero gravity position, placing your body at a 120-degree angle, one of the most relaxed positions for your body. Unique zippered connections allow full adjustability - just zip apart and use each cushion individually or together in a multitude of combinations.

Order the BackMax® Wedge Cushion Set today and Get FREE SHIPPING, Plus a FREE Pillow!

This is not a medical device and is intended only to improve comfort, posture,
and support. It is not intended to treat any medical conditions.

Standard BackMax® includes the 3-piece cushion set in a 20" width. The cover is
fleece on the top side of each cushion, and sides are a stretch
polyester fabric.

BackMax® Plus Includes

  • 28" wide - Perfect for bedtop use, or for larger people!
  • Upgraded Cover - Full fleece cover in caramel color
  • Includes zippered vinyl carrying storage bag
  • Includes free pillow!

Benefits of the BackMax® Wedge Cushion System

  • Multifunctional full body support system creates positions
    recommended for elevating all parts of the body, including upper
    body, legs, and feet
  • Head and body elevation is often recommended after surgery
    and for specific ailments
  • Can be used in bed or on the floor
  • Perfect for watching television, napping or reading
  • Unique, zippered design allows cushions to be used together
    or separately
  • Ultimate comfort for back, hips, legs, and feet
  • Made from high quality support foam
  • Removable, machine washable cover
  • Helps Improve Comfort While In Recovery from Surgery




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Product Dimensions:
Standard: 70"L x 20" W x 14"H (at the hightest point)
Deluxe Wide: 70"L x 28" W x 14"H (at the hightest point)
Back Wedge:
15 x 30 x 23
Leg Wedge:
18 x 12 x 30 x 8.5
Foot Wedge:
14 x 14 x 8
Product Material:
Poly Urethane Foam, Fleece Cover
Wedge Type:
Full Body, Variable Configuration
Standard: 20"; Plus: 28"
Do Not Show:
Return Policy:


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  1. BackMax Body Wedge Cushion Set, Wide 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 11th Mar 2015)

    This has been the best purchase I've made for my sleep ever. Before this product I was using several pillows to get an incline and would cause my back to hurt after 5-6 hrs of sleep. Without the pillows I might be able to sleep 4 hrs. But ever since my first night using the BackMax Body Wedge, and I use it in the zero gravity configuration most of the time, I've been able to sleep for 7-10 hrs without any back pain. I've also used just the back wedge with the same results of being able to sleep for 8+ hours with no pain. This is a good send. I'm usually one that likes a soft bed to sleep on, but this has been the most comfortable I've sleep since I was a teenager. If you have any issues with back pain or have to sleep elevated, give this a chance. It's worth every penny!

  2. Contour BackMax Plus 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 22nd May 2014)

    This has helped me so much, that I went on vacation to Florida to see my daughter & I ordered one for her house the day before I left, Thank you for getting it to me so quickly, I had to go only one night w/o it. I thank god that is as long as I had to wait. Because believe me, w/just one night was enough for me, I couldnt sleep & was hurting very bad when I woke, due to Fibromyalgia. Plus had 3 bulging disks, after finding this & ordering it. It help my back, plus my sleeping. Thank you again for getting it to me so quickly, as I don't think I could have made it a second night w.o it. So Thank You Contour for helping me, it was a blessing from God finding your website. Thank you again!

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