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Back Sac Pillow

Back Sac Pillow

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Product Description

Back Sac - Adjustable Back & Lumbar Pillow

The Back Sac is a new back support product designed to be extremely flexible and uniquely supportiveto each user. The concept is simple - an over-sized round pillow with inflatable internal bladder is partially filled with air to provide unique support to fit a wide range of users and surfaces. Because the bladder is intended to be only partially inflated, the pillow surrounds your back and provide full support, even on un-even surfaces. This design makes it perfect for all sizes, from children to adults, large or small and can be used effectively on a variety of surfaces including sofas, office chairs, car seats, on the floor, ont bed, etc.. Plus, you can use it to support your back and lumbar area, neck, feet, even sleep with it!

  • Incredible Versatile Support - Inflate the internal bladder to the exact level of pressure and support you require. In fact, just a few breaths of air provide enough support for most back and neck support applications.
  • Very Portable - Remove the air and fold up for easy storage in any carry-on bag, briefcase, etc. Makes it perfect to bring with you when travelling, on the road, in the office, etc. Inflates quickly and easily when ready to use.
  • Inflates to Fit Every Body Type - Inflates and uses your own body pressure to support and fill the unique curves of your spine
  • Helps positioning and support to decrease back pain associated with spinal arthritus, disc herniation, pregnancy and scoliosis
  • Patent Pending Design - Created by a liscensed Physical Therapist and Orthopedic Specialist!

Other Details

TPU material, fabric faux leather cover

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