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A revolutionary new approach to back support, the Back-A-Line combines a firm, rigid back support with a no-stretch belt for snug fitting, back support that reduces and prevents low back pain. Endorsed by experts and customers alike. Creates muscle "activation", rather than "atrophy" with elastic belts

Logo-less design allows belt to be inverted for comfort in stomach area.

Product Description

Heavy Duty Dynamic Back Support
Army Tested & Physician Approved

This back support belt reduces your lower back pain with a snug-fitting custom back support plus an additional Velcro strap that ensures firm lumbar support. Breathable, washable fabric. Sweat resistant wick-away lining.

It’s not WHAT you lift, but HOW you lift, and HOW you do everything else. Maintaining safe spinal posture is all that matters. Until the mechanics are corrected, your pain will continue.

Back-A-Line Back Supports improve your spinal mechanics: your back adjusts to the built-in curve of the patented “curved-and-firm” pad in the non-elastic belt, for dynamic muscle support, postural assistance, and improved spinal mechanics. Result? Your back works naturally and you get REAL BACK PAIN RELIEF!

  • The ONLY back support that truly supports the core midsection of the lower back, while strengthening back muscles and providing relief from back pain and injuries.
  • Patented curve, firm lumbar pad provides the ideal surface for back support and proper posture, corrects spinal mechanics, the true cause of back injuries
  • Creates muscle "activation", rather than "atrophy" with elastic belts
  • Non-stretch fabric is breathable, to reduce heat build-up and is washable.
  • Extra hook and loop closure ensures a perfect fit and isometric resistance for abdominal muscles.



Using innovative technology, Back-A-Line has created a unique solution to the prevention of lower back pain. This lumbar back support belt has a distinctive edge over leather, elastic and athletic back belts. Because of its orthopedic proponents and ergonomic design, the Back-A-Line back belt offers snug support that cradles your lower back while offering curved and firm support. This produces maximum protection against back injuries including back injuries associated with heavy lifting, athletic training and/or continuous motion. Plus, the breathable and washable lining wicks away perspiration, so all you feel is the ultimate in comfort and protection. That's why Back-A-Line is the MOST ENDORSED BACK SUPPORT IN AMERICA!


“This is the first belt I have seen that provides abdominal and postural support at the same time. Some of my post surgical patients won’t go anywhere without it. The stiff, rounded quality of your lumbar pad maintains the proper lordotic alignment [spinal curve]to protect the lower spine. Promoting good posture alone should be a major contributor to back pain reduction, but the pressure of your pad against the back muscles seems to provide a further alleviating effect. I highly recommend this belt to my patients. I wish you the best. You deserve it for this product.” ...Dr.Guy Doran (Chiropratic - International lecturer, Inventor of the "Back Companion" and other health related products)

More praise for the Back-A-Line Support Belt

  • Back-A-Line is the ONLY product EVER granted the Seal of Acceptance from The American Osteopathic Academy of Sports Medicine.
  • Two peer-reviewed studies from Miami (OH) University found that Back-A-Line maintained a safer lumbar curve – in a “reaching mode”, without the obvious risk of heavy lifting – and attributed the result to “proprioceptive feedback”.
  • A paper from Harvard Medical School demonstrated that a “curved, firm surface” created “proprioceptive feedback”, coercing the body to move in a safer way – without the conscious mind getting involved. This is the only way to change decades-old – but bad – spinal mechanics.

Read More expert testimonials on the Back-A-Line.

See how Motorcycle Consumer News compared 6 different back support belts and rated the Back-A-Line a "Best Buy".

The Back-A-line Back Support is reimbursable through Medicare and Blue Cross Blue Shield. Please check with your insurance provider if different. HCPCS Code: L-0626

Other Details

Product Specifications:
Small: Fits 27" - 32"
Medium: Fits 31" - 36"
Large : Fits 35" - 40"
XLarge : Fits 39" - 44"
Product Material:
Shell: 100% Polyester, Liner: 100% Nylon. Machine Wash Cold, Air Dry (or tumble - low heat)

Warranty Information

Contour Customer Care 1 Year Warranty, plus Easy Returns!


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