Air Pump Inflator with 3 Universal Adapters

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Inflatables are great, till you find out you have to blow them up! Never feel out of breath with the Contour Electric Air Pump. Small enough to fit in your hand, suitcase or where ever you may travel. Includes 3 head adapters that will allow you to connect to your product to quickly inflate or deflate your item.
  • Quick & Easy Inflation – portable hand held motor makes it great solution for travel
  • 2 Modes for Inflate & Deflate – allows you to easily inflate or deflate your product
  • 3 Universal Adapters – fits most popular nozzle attachments
$30.00 $15.95
(You save $14.05)

Quick-Inflate, Portable AC Pump

Need a quick and easy way to blow up your inflatable products? The Contour hand held portable air pump features 3 universal head adapters that fit most popular valves. Electric unit will ensure you never are out of breath but your inflatables stay at the correct pressure for your comfort or pleasure!

Air pump will work with your favorite inflatable products:

  • Air Mattress Beds
  • Inflatable Kid Toys
  • Pool Inflatables
  • Contour Inflatable Bed Wedges
  • plus much more!

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