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Twist MassageĀ® Bendable Travel Pillow Takes Innovative & Portable Comfort to a New Level



CHICAGO (2007 International Home & Housewares Show) – Contour Living™, a leader in the ergonomic support and comfort industry, introduces the next generation of its innovative and popular Contour Twist®, now with Massage. The new patent-pending Twist Massage® is a portable and bendable pillow that twists and stays put in almost any shape. The Twist’s unique ability to mold to different parts of the body enables it to target many muscle groups for soothing massage and custom support.

Inside this soft, polyfoam pillow, a bendable plastic spine allows the product to maintain its shape when bent into different positions. This unique design feature is also what makes the Twist Massage so versatile. And, with the new integrated massage feature, the pillow custom wraps to target muscles groups like never before.

The Twist Massage is completely portable to go anywhere. As the ideal travel pillow, the Twist Massage can bend around a traveler’s neck and up the side of the person’s head to stay put when leaning to rest in a plane, car or train. The pillow’s soft, yet firm support also stays put when wrapped around someone’s waist to provide customized back support in any chair or when nursing a baby. The Twist Massage also serves as the perfect leg pillow by wrapping it around one knee to provide a cushion that’s sure to stay put all through the night. Even babies love the cozy, secure feeling of being nestled into the Twist Massage pillow.  

“Contour Living is pleased to introduce the new Twist Massage, based on our popular and patented Contour Twist,” says Scott Davis, president and founder of Contour Living. “The Twist Massage solves a variety of problems at a price anyone can afford, making it an ideal gift. Incredibly, it does the job of 10 pillows thanks to its extraordinary versatility. It’s simply a terrific product.”  

The Contour Twist Massage pillow comes with a washable velour cover.

About Contour Living

Founded in 1991,Contour Living (www.contourliving.com) is a leader in the ergonomic comfort and support industry. Since the introduction and success of its first innovation, the Contour Pillow, the company has sold more than 20 million products in the United States and 80 other countries. Contour Living has an extensive distribution network in place through thousands of traditional brick-and-mortar retailers, online stores, direct-response television, the Internet, key furniture shows, catalogs and home shopping networks. The company has 66 patents and trademarks registered in the United States and 30 others abroad. Contour Living is headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. and has an operations facility in Charlotte, N.C.



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