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Teeter Hang-Ups EP-950 Inversion Table
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Using the Teeter Inversion Table is quick and easy! Simply set your height, secure your ankles and relax. Includes 20 minute instructional video. Ships Free!! Now Take 6 Months to Pay! Choose PayPal and Bill Me Later at Checkout. Read More...

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Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Tables represent the highest standards in inversion therapy

Each Teeter Inversion Table is backed by an industry leading 5 year warranty, and Teeter Hang Ups are independently tested to exceed quality and safety standards including UL60601-1, a medical grade standard.

Plus each of our Teeter inversion table ships with a quick-reference laminated owner's manual attached to the frame, and an instructional DVD which provides guidance for assembly and use of the table. Also included on the DVD are five 10-20 minute stretching and exercise classes by Dr. Shawn.

Using the Teeter Inversion Table is quick and easy! Simply set your height, secure your ankles and relax. Weight displacement caused by simple arm movement controls the rate and degree of rotation. It takes only a few minutes to decompress the spine. Use your Teeter several times each day to achieve maximum results.

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The New Teeter EP-950 Inversion Table includes all of the features of the EP-550 Model, plus these features:

  • Ratchet Ankle Lock System - Features easy to reach extended handle for the ankle lock, plus a triple lock security feature.
  • EZ Stretch Traction Handles - These handles allow for an increased stretching experience and traction while the muscles of your lower back are relaxed. These handles can also be used as a tool for intermittent traction and oscillation.
  • Over EZ Handles - Larger padded support handles assist during inversion and ascent (back to upright).
  • Pre-Set Rotation Control - The EZ Angle Tether Strap allows pre-set angles at 20, 40, 60 degrees and provides an easy guide to exactly the degree of inversion where benefits begin and the degree at which maximum benefits are realized.
  • Over-Sized Medical Grade Frame
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In addition to the above features unique to the EP-950 Model, All EP series Inversion Tables feature the following:

  • Ergonomic Flex Technology - Patented design by teeter moves with you, accommodating stretches for great range of motion. Movement while inverted encourages realignment while it relaxes muscles. An adjustment pillow provides added comfort.
  • Optimum Decompression Surface - The smooth surface reduces friction, allowing the body to slide and achieve the maximum decompression stretch.
  • Ankle Comfort Dial - The new foot platform design dials up or down for smaller or larger feet, allowing the ankle clamps to attain a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Quick, Compact Storage - Folds in just seconds to 28" x 16" x 66"
  • Unique and Patented Security Features - Auto-Locking hinges, cam locks and heat-treated steel parts create a more secure and durable product.
  • Precision Balancing - Custom engineering provides smooth rotation and controlled lockout in full inversion.
  • Stable Base - Corner feet increase the frame base by 20%, reduce sliding and help protect floors.
  • Smooth, Quiet Rotation - A de-rattler know and specialized pivot bearings ensure a life-time of squeak and rattle free rotation.
  • 5 year Manufactures Warranty
  • Height Capacity: 4'8" - 6'6" Weight Capacity: 300 lbs. Assembled Dimensions: 48" x 27" x 61" Package Weight: 76 lbs

Benefits of Inversion Therapy

  • Re-Hydrate Discs - Decompression facilitates rapid re-hydration and the exchange of nutrients. Damaged disks can take quite a long tim e to repair since they don't have direct blood supply. Inverted decompression takes pressure off the discs, allowing them to widen and hydrate with nutrients that help expedite repair. The added cushion helps increase shock absorption and flexibility.
  • Reduce Pressure on nerves - Inverting has been clinically proven to increase intervertebral separation which helps to open the passageway for nerve roots. Less pressure directly contributes to less pain and discomfort.
  • Relax Realign Weight Bearing Skeleton - The back is supported by hundreds of ligaments and muscles that stabilize the spine and also hold it in compression. When the back moves out of alignment (from bad posture, sitting, or strenuous activity) this support structure holds the body in misalignment. Even while laying down, the spine holds 25% of the standing pressure. In order to decompress, the spine needs a traction force of at least 60% of body weight, equal to inverting at an angle of 60 degrees. This type of progressive decompression naturally re-aligns the weight bearing skeleton, promoting good posture.
  • Relax Tense Muscles - Inverting for a few minutes each day can help relax muscles and speed lymph flow. Studies have shown that EMG activity (an indicator of muscle pain) declines over 35% within ten seconds of inversion.
  • Improved Joint Function - Strengthens ligaments, Increases joint lubrication - Improves joint flexibility and range of motion - Encourages proper posture and body symmetry

Teeter Outperforms the Competition in Independent Tests - Read about here and here

Product Reviews

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  1. Extremely Heavy Duty Table 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st May 2013

    Great new design with solid heavy duty construction. The added extended ankle release lever is a big plus when having back pain. This is a very good piece of equipment to reduce the pressure of the spinal disks. I do 2 treatments of 3 minutes every day, one and night and one in the evening, and it has relieved my lower back and leg pain significantly! Since my auto accident 18 years ago and my age of 58 years, my back pain has increased every year. With the EP-950, it has made my working and sleeping hours so much more enjoyable and pain free.

  2. High Quality Inversion Table 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st May 2013

    WOW! Talk about a satisfied customer. The EP-950 is a high quality product. I have suffered with a herniated disc and endured chronic back pain for years. I experienced relief after my first use of the inversion table and slept better that night than I had in years. For now, I invert on a daily basis for a few minutes and am close to being free of back pain. I sleep better and begin each morning with little or no back pain. Absolutely amazing! I told my family this really has been the best purchase I recall ever making! No buyers remorse here.

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