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Snoozerpedic MD Snuggle Buddy
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Simular to the design of the Snoozerpedic Dreamweaver pillow, the Snuggle Buddy still offers revolutionary memory foam technology, just half the size. Great for use in bed, in a chair or on the couch. Read More...

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Snuggle Buddy Pillow Offers Many Uses!

The design of the Snuggle Buddy® is based on the Snoozerpedic MD® DreamWeaverTM, yet it is scaled to about 60 percent of the DreamWeaver’s larger size. Like all other Snoozerpedic MD® brand body pillows the Snuggle Buddy® utilizes a revolutionary pillow-core technology that combines a light weight, cooling synthetic core with a heat dispersion Memory CoolTM memory foam shell. The ergonomic design of this pillow helps to improve sleep quality by providing contoured support for multiple regions of the body at the same time. This can result in reduced pressure points, improved circulation and overall sleep quality.

The Snoozerpedic MD® Snuggle Buddy® is a versatile product that can be used for a variety of purposes by individuals of almost any age. For example the compact design of this pillow is ideal for adults and children alike when used as a body pillow in the bedroom environment, it can also be used as a sleeping aid for individuals who must sleep on a recliner due to injury or age, and it can even be used as a lumbar support and arm rest while reading or watching TV. As if that was not already enough consider that this pillow can be combined with another pillow to create your own custom pillow solution specific to your own needs!

  • Pillow is constructed using a high-tech “pillow core” technology:
  • The outer layer of the pillow is constructed using 1 ½: thick sheets of 2 Lb. density Memory CoolTM temperature sensitive visco-elastic foam to provide advanced contouring ability
  • The inner core of the pillow is filled with a premium quality synthetic down that reduces heat buildup as well as the overall weight of the pillow
  • The entire pillow is lighter and softer than solid memory foam products to improve ease of use
  • The outer memory foam portion of the “pillow core” is covered with a zippered tan velour case for added durability
  • Pillow comes with a luxuriously soft 500 thread count 100% SATEEN cotton removable pillowcase for ease of cleaning
  • Unique shape follows the natural motions and positions of your body
  • Minimizes pillow repositioning throughout the night
  • Cradles the body evenly in the 4 basic sleep positions
  • Promotes proper spinal alignment and improves sleep quality
  • MFG Warranty 2 year guaranty for sewing craftsmanship and manufacturer defects
  • Dimensions: 36” long & 14” wide

Advanced Pillow-Core Technology All Snoozerpedic MD® brand pillows are constructed using an advanced “pillow-core” technology. The illustration to the left shows how the pillow core is literally encased in a thick layer of memory foam, yet the center is filled with a light weight synthetic fiber. This combination of materials offers the advanced contouring only memory foam can offer, yet it is lighter and easier to use. This unique combination of weight and texture offers a level of performance unsurpassed on the market today!

The compact ergonomic shape of the Snuggle Buddy® can provide targeted support exactly where you need it. The pictures to the left illustrate just a few of the various ways that it can be used. The Snuggle Buddy® can be used by itself or combined with your favorite head and neck pillow to create custom support solutions as well. Given its ergonomic design it will easily adapt to the natural shapes of your body and provide a level of support unbeatable on the market today!

Unlike traditional straight and rectangular body pillows the patented shape of the Snoozerpedic MD® Snuggle Buddy® is designed to fit your body first and foremost. The dimensions of this design are shown to the left for a sense of scale.

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