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Press Releases & Contour Living In The News

Read up on Contour Products and their listings of press releases and in other highly accredited news printings.

2/10/2011 - Specialty Bedding Isn't So Special Anymore ...Read More

9/13/2010 - Contour Releases new CPAPmax Pillow ...Read More

8/15/2009 - Contour Products releases the Freedom Seat ergonomic cushion ...Read More

8/01/2009 - Contour Products release the Contour Ortho Fiber support pillow.

5/13/2009 - Survey Proves Contour CPAP Pillow Improves Patient Comfort

12/1/2007 - CPAP Sleep Aid featured in Home Health Products' Medtrade Retrospective

12/1/2007 - Contour Twist featured in Travelgirl's Gift Guide

11/1/2007 - Contour Twist Pillow featured in Global Traveler

11/1/2007 - Contour Twist featured in Alaska Airlines' Gift Guide

11/1/2007 - Mattress Genie featured in Jeffrey's Pick section of Home Health Products

10/4/2007 - Contour Twist featured on 10! Show, Greater Philadelphia NBC affiliate morning program

10/1/2007 - TravelBack featured in Homecare Magazine

9/1/2007 - New Contour Back Wedge featured in September 2007 Parents Magazine

7/26/2007 - CPAP Sleep Aid Pillow featured in July 2007 Homecare Magazine ...Read Now

07/01/2007 - CPAP Sleep Aid featured in HME News

7/1/2007 - Contour Twist featured on DivineCaroline.com

6/1/2007 - New Butterfly 3-in-1 Massaging Leg Pillow...Read Now

6/2007 - CPAP Sleep Aid featured in the American Association for Respiratory Care's publication, the AARC Times

4/1/2007 - CPAP Sleep Aid featured in April 2007 HME News

3/31/2007 - CPAP Sleep Aid featured in April issue of RT Magazine

3/18/07 - P&G, Major Marketers Crowd Into Direct-Response TV article in Advertising Age

3/12/2007 - Contour Freedom back, TravelBack, Mattress Remedy and Contour Twist massage featured in HFN: Home Furnishing News

3/8/2007 - Proven National Comfort Leader Announces Innovative Offerings...Read Now

3/6/2007 - Featured in LATimes.com, publicityinsider.com, RBC Dain Rauscher, kron.com (San Francisco TV station), yahoofinance.com, Fort Wayne News Sentinel, briebart.com, TXCN.com, DallasNews.com.

3/1/2007 - CPAP Sleep Aid features in March/April Respitory Management

2/2/2007 - Contour Living’s TravelBack® Makes Traveling with Back Support Simple, Effective & Very Affordable ...Read Now</p>

2/2/2007 - Mattress Remedy Restores Original Support of Sagging Mattresses ...Read Now

2/2/2007 - Contour Living’s Twist Massage® Bendable Travel Pillow Takes Innovative & Portable Comfort to a New Level ...Read Now

2/2/2007 - Contour Living Adds Massage Feature to Popular Back Support Cushion ...Read Now

2/1/2007 - Contour Twist, Mattress Genie and Contour BackMax featured in February Home Health Products

1/4/2007 - Contour Living Introduces Pillow for Sleep Apnea Patients ...Read Now

1/1/2007 - CPAP Sleep Aid featured in Focus: Journal for Respiratory Care and Sleep Medicine

1/1/2007 - Mattress Genie featured in Jan./Feb. Sleep Review

12/2/2006 - Simple Tips to Ease Back Pain at Night ...Read Now

11/29/2006 - Contour Crescent Pillow featured in magazine.

11/15/2006 - Contour Twist pillow featured on WashingtonPost.com

11/9/2006 - The Gift of a Good Night's Sleep: Memory Foam Leg Pillows Reduce Strain on Back, Hips & Knees ... Read Now

9/1/2006 - Featured in: RT Magazine Dallas News.com Orthopedic Technology Review Physical Therapy ProductsHealth Imperia

8/21/2006 - Contour Twist pillow featured in Drug Topics

8/14/2006 - Contour Twist pillow featured in the Dallas Morning News

7/24/2006 - Mattress Genie featured in HFN: Home Furnishings News

6/30/2006 - Leading Ergonomic Company Sells 20 Millionth Product... Read Now

4/15/2006 - Innovative Twist on Pillows Reshapes the Market....Read Now

4/12/2006 - NBC Affiliate Channel 2 Salt Lake City - "Let Bill Buy It" Review of the Mattress Genie...

4/1/2006 - Mattress Genie Provides Affordable Alternative to Adjustable Beds...Read Now