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BackMax Body Wedge Set

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Also, upgrade to the Deluxe, Wide Version of our BackMax and we will include a custom FLEECE COVERED HALF ROLL PILLOW and also include a FREE vinyl carry/storage bag. LEARN MORE

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Get Comfortable During Your Pregancy With These Support Items
  • $49.99 $29.95
    Contour L shaped pillow makes a great gift for anyone who sleeps in a bed!

  • $60.00 $39.95
    Contour Flip Wedge Pillow

  • $35.00 $29.95
    The inner foam core is surrounded by cool gel infused memory foam.

  • $75.99 $54.99
    Ultimate Full Body Pillow - Shown without cover, feather and goose down fill

  • $95.00 $66.99
    Ultimate Body and Pregnancy Pillow

  • $170.00 $138.99
    BedLounge back support cushion

  • $34.00 $29.99
    Hugg a Pillow - Small body pillow

  • $119.95 $89.95
    Leg Lounge for Knee and Leg Elevation and Support

  • $85.00 $53.99
    Snoozer Full Body Pillows

  • $50.00 $34.99
    loving comfort support belt for maternity

  • $70.00 $45.99
    Maternity Support Belt